Sales are considered to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. The sales team put in a lot of effort and energy to make a sale. You have to tackle the consumer’s mindset, you never know when they will slip from the funnel. Also, you need a lot of guts to pitch your product and finally, all you need is persistence and consistency over time which will make you shine in your sales career.

What is sales motivation?

Sales motivation is a stimulus that drives the salesperson into selling their product or service to the customers. Sales motivation varies depending on the skills and experience on the job. Management should have sales motivation in order to increase productivity and boost the confidence of a salesperson. There are many different reasons why the sales team requires motivation in order to achieve their sales goals. The performance of a salesperson is usually measured by the end results/targets, which is why sales motivation is a must that would help them to achieve their goals. The company can either recognize their work, reward them and offer remuneration in order to keep them motivated.

What are the types of sales motivation?

Mastering the act of motivation requires more than just offering bonus, incentives and commission. Businesses have to put in more effort in devising the motivational strategies which are needed to do the magic trick. The motivation strategies can bring effective results from the sales team.

Motivation is classified as : Intrinsic motivation and Extrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation: Intrinsic motivation comes from the individual’s beliefs and thoughts which is considered a powerful form of motivation.

  • The human desire for power and status, and the need to feel accepted and appreciated.
  • The desire or motive to become an outstanding salesperson, to prove themselves as an elite seller, achieving a common goal.

Extrinsic motivation: Extrinsic motivation is a motivation that is driven from external factors.

  • Money in the form of rewards is considered the standard type of extrinsic motivators.
  • Security is also an important form of extrinsic motivation.
  • Recognitions and remunerations will drive the motivation of the sales reps based on how they have achieved their target.

Motivation is like science. Not everything motivates the sales person. One has to focus on different combinations which will bring out the best from each sales rep.

What are the Important elements of sales motivation?

Each and every salesforce requires motivation even if it is a small business with less than 50 employees. You can pave a way to accomplish the financial goals by motivating them in the right manner. There are usually different elements to be considered while motivating the sales team. Some of the important elements of sales motivation are as follows.

1.Needs and Expectations

The top most important element of sales motivation is the needs and expectations of sales reps. Usually the sales people have higher expectations on the bonuses, the compensation and rewards that they would probably receive for their hard work and dedication. A salesperson will feel absolutely delighted if you shower them with incentives that help with their personal needs. The organization needs to map out the expectations of every sales rep, and target them with the same in order to bring the best out of their efforts.

2.Financial Incentives

Businesses revolve around salary, bonuses and commissions which in a way motivates the individuals in order to achieve the goals. The sales people realize the importance and value of the financial incentives that will boost their performance. The organization has to develop a clear outline of the bonus structures and incentives, and has to send reminders as a motivational strategy.

3.Non-financial incentives

Non-financial incentives such as certificates, appreciation, promotion, gifts, festive accompaniments are some of the important elements of sales motivation. This is one way of displaying acknowledgement, as the sales people contribute to the business growth. The organization can also pin the photos of the performers each month and laud their efforts in a public speech. Also, taking them out for dinner quarterly or annual which keep them closer and feel connected with the company.

Seven techniques to motivate the sales team to achieve business goals

The sales department plays a major role in the success of the business. Also the sales team contributes towards building trust between the customers and the business. Building trust is the foremost reason why many customers are likely to retain a particular company. Motivation is a key force that drives the performance of the sales team.

1.Understand the team and build trust

The organization has to understand and know the sales team very well which plays a pivotal role in any sales management strategy. Understanding the team better will guide you to devise techniques that would match their expectations and preferences. Also, trust is an important element, as the sales team will only get motivated if they develop a sense of trust towards you. Each individual is unique and the management must realize that there are different personality traits within a single team and have to cater to their needs in a prompt manner. Motivation works well, if you have a good understanding of the team.

2.Keep track on activity metrics

Sales is all about the targets and key results. Sales people undergo a lot of stress from the process of prospecting till on-boarding. Some of the prospective customers leave the pipeline for a multitude of reasons. There are times when the sales team feels disappointed for not reaping the benefits for their efforts.

The organization should clearly match every sales quote, conversion rate and revenue with an activity metric. The activity metrics might include the number of calls made to the prospects, the number of mails sent, and the number of demos scheduled. Each and every sales rep works towards closing the deal and hitting the sales goal. Hence the organization should not always keep in mind the end results as a motivation strategy, rather take in account the activity metrics that the sales rep do in a routine way in order to close more deals.

3.Frame short – term goals

Setting long term goals might get un-realistic over time, and couldn’t be calculated against the benchmarks. Rather it is important to set short term goals for every quarter or every month. This will pave a way for monitoring the routine day to day progress. Short term goals are way more achievable and helps in boosting the team’s performance. The sense of achievement is kind of high with the short term goals and whenever they walk out of the office , they feel valued for the work that they did that particular day.

4.Provide Incentives

A sales team can reach horizons , if incentives are provided with regard to their efforts. If your sales team closes a fascinating deal , the company has to celebrate their performance and compensate them with some monetary benefits. You can encourage and motivate the sales team with a proper sales compensation programme. You can chart out a commission based payment plan or bonuses which is associated with the completing of certain milestones. While standard salaries are important, employees look for more from an employer. Compensation and incentives will drive the sales team towards the desired goal.


Gamification is considered as the popular motivation technique which includes coaching, mentoring, sharing important information, involving in project management and collaborative sales techniques. Gamifications boosts the employee morale and competitiveness among the team. The organization has to find the apt gamification based on the team’s personality traits. If a sales rep finishes a task within the stipulated time, he/she will receive 10 points. You can also use a digital scoreboard to keep record of these points.

6.Talk about the setbacks positively

The sales team might have a tough time in hitting the sales quota within the designated time period. You need to differentiate between a bad week or a trend in poor performance. The sales manager must clearly identify the path where the sales reps are suffering to deliver the productivity as expected. You need to offer constructive criticism, give them some time to rectify their mistakes and provide areas of improvement. Having a transparent discussion will help to motivate the employee and also will pave the way for brainstorming new solutions. Everything should revolve around empowering the team to do their best and to bring about effective results.

7.Conduct healthy competitions

Conducting healthy friendly team competitions is one of the powerful ways to motivate the sales team. Have short term competitions once in a while, where the duration should be short or else it will diminish the excitement among the employees. Keep the competitions way too simple, say based on the number of sales calls made by the sales rep for a day. You need to acknowledge the efforts of the sales rep and broadcast the results in a sales dashboard. And often change the competition/games often, otherwise it might end up in boredom among the employees. Conducting a game out of a sales goal is a sure shot way to motivate the sales team, which also comes with teamwork and collaboration.

How to Write a Motivation Email to Your Team?

1.Always start your email with words of encouragement or motivation.

2.Provide suggestions or instructions about the situation.

3.Give assistance to the problem if required.

4.In case of a positive result, appreciate them.

5.Mention the rewards.

6.End with a positive note.

Examples of motivational email to sales team

The company has to send motivational emails from time to time. It is a perfect tactic especially for those who are working in remote environments. The reason behind the motivational email is to appreciate their hard work and encourage them to keep going. Here’s how to send an email:

1.Motivational email when the sales numbers are down

Hi there team!

As we all are aware that we are 10% behind the sales goal this quarter. I totally understand that the target has been missed due to the challenges ( lead drop). In Spite of such challenges, I am glad that we have performed what we could. Meanwhile we will discuss all the action plans and re-visit the goals to shake things up a bit and to drive some favorable results. Looking forward to working ahead with you guys. Cheers to the Good work!

2.Motivational email when sales numbers are up

Hi there team! Congratulations!

I am very excited to share with you guys that we hit the targets by 10%. Attaining this milestone is possible with your efforts and hardwork. I am overwhelmed to announce that the team will be rewarded as per the sales incentive program. (the team rewards based on their individual performance).

I encourage you all to stay focused as you are and continue the great job that you have been doing. Let’s all cherish the results together with a glass of wine tonight at (ITC grand chola, chennai). This indeed is a groundbreaking quarter for all of us ! cheers to the great work!

Final thoughts

Mastering sales motivation and its techniques is vital for the success and growth of the company. The company has to clearly communicate with the reps, understand their pursuit and tailor the motivational strategies and approaches accordingly. The sales cycle is a bumpy road, and there are several hardships faced by the sales team on a daily basis and it is the ultimate duty of the company to drive the energy, compassion and fire among the team. We all should believe that success comes with patience and perseverance. Motivation is one important component that builds the bridge between success and failure. Hence in order to keep your sales team motivated, you need to build in some awesome motivation techniques to help them achieve their best.

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