A sales job is often considered a very demanding and stressful one. The job entails meeting target after target, unpredictable working hours, and a lot of effort to convince clients. It is only natural that such a challenging profile would bring about mental distress. So, what can be done to elevate the sales teams’ morale and keep them constantly motivated?

While motivation comes from within an individual, there are a lot of ways in which an organization can ensure their sales team remains happy and healthy.

Ways To Ensure Your Sales Team Is Happy And Motivated

1.Improve Communication

Improve Communication

Good communication can go a long way- not just to maintain healthy relationships at work, but also to generate better productivity. If tasks are communicated soundly, there are fewer chances of mistakes and lesser need for doubt clarification.

It is imperative for an organization that cares about its employees to build a system where productivity is high, communication is effective and errors are low. One way to do that is through the Project Management tool from Apptivo. Leaders can set targets for the team members, monitor tasks, and leave notes for clarifications. You can also oversee the time and resources each task is taking, and avoid overlapping.

Encourage your team leaders to listen to employees and make relevant adjustments to work hours, schedules, and workloads. When an employee complains of too much pressure, work with them to reduce their strain. Now that your task of rescheduling has been made easy, let your employees express their needs more freely.

2.Set Clear KPIs And Help Your Team Achieve Them

Set Clear KPIs

Two of the major sources of stress are unclear assignments and too high targets. When your expectations do not meet with your employees’ understanding of those expectations, chaos ensues, leading to disappointments. Clear targets bring better results. First, identify the goals, and determine some of the steps to achieve them. Secondly, break each of those goals down to the specifics. If you want sales numbers to increase, clearly stating the digits helps them attain the goals easily.

Because you have a high-functioning employee who has been able to achieve specified targets time and again, does not mean their capacity to meet objectives will keep increasing. Give your employees a breather, and instead of overloading them with the pressure of achieving more targets, encourage them to celebrate their feats.

The Project Management tool from Apptivo lets you oversee the targets and number of hours devoted to each of the sales employees. While it helps them know what their weekly target is, it also helps you keep a tab on their workload.

3.More Autonomy And Flexibility

More Autonomy

Multiple studies state that with more autonomy comes more productivity. More productivity is followed by a happy employee. A healthy environment is one that allows for equal contributions and suggestions from the leaders and the team members, alike. Encourage your employees to explore new fronts of getting more sales, and find methods that work best for them. Let your sales team enjoy more flexible work methods.

With Project Management, Contacts/Customers, and Territory Management tools from Apptivo, your employees get the autonomy they need, and your organization gets the numbers they want to see.

4.More Automation

More Automation

Repetitive and redundant tasks take away from the innate creativity of your workers. The solution? Automation. Let your CRM software take the responsibility of performing redundant tasks so that your employees can focus on the more challenging aspects.

Nowadays, CRMs can perform numerous functions to save your employees’ time. From integrating emails, and work orders, to customer contacts, and queries, CRMs are taking care of everything. One such efficient tool is Apptivo. With the advanced Apptivo tools, you can bring all the data under one roof, eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps.

5.Regular Feedback

Regular Feedback

When you recognize your employees’ efforts, you indirectly motivate them. Create a culture where good performance is rewarded and provide regular feedback for improvements to be made.

Let your employees know they are valuable for the organization. Give incentives (apart from monetary benefits) that will boost their morale. Take your team out for dinner or a small celebration and spend time interacting with them. Ask about their motivation and methods of work to encourage others to follow suit.

Recognition and celebrations are not the only kinds of incentives that can be given. For high-performing individuals, trusting them with more responsibilities can be a rewarding experience, too. Give them the gift of a CRM software, and watch as their performance skyrockets.

The Last Step

To keep your employees happy, you should entrust them with more autonomy, flexibility in work methods and schedules, encourage communication, and provide feedback. But more importantly, you should create an atmosphere where the employees are treated with empathy. They should be reminded of how valuable they are to the organization and their well-being- whether mental or physical- is always a priority. With Apptivo’s CRM tools, bring home automation, and improve your employees’ happiness.

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