How to Master Sales Strategy in 2021 Using Apptivo CRM Software

2020 has surely been a year with huge challenges and it affected both the personal and professional lives of people across the globe. There have been a variety of difficulties that were faced by different businesses while working to accomplish their sales goals. And it doesn’t matter if your company had surpassed its sales goals or if you remained in the queue of incomplete tasks as the year has come to an end. Now, what you need to do is learn from the facts of 2020 and prepare yourselves for the next business year to plan on how you would master your sales strategy. And with Apptivo, you aren’t left alone to do so. So let us see how with Apptivo, you are ready to brace the challenges of the coming year and to excel in business.

What did the year 2020 tell us?

During 2020, a lot has happened around the world, and there were severe changes that were seen in systems worldwide. May it be local or international businesses, all of us suffered the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and were forced to adapt to the boundaries put by it. Huge changes were witnessed in global working trends and remote working has now become a common thing. The percentage of employees working from home had increased significantly. Several other challenges such as unemployment filings, natural disasters, and other market changes struck a lot of businesses and caused severe surges in their sales patterns. It resulted in the companies planning their sales strategies from scratch and to take action keeping in mind the new conditions of the market.

A few things that were affected due to the pandemic and are to be reconsidered while planning for the year 2021 are:

  • Long-Term Plans of Companies

    There is a huge probability that a large number of companies may have drafted their long-term sales plans ranging anywhere from three years to a couple of decades during or before 2020. And while those plans were made using different information, there is a probability that pandemic changes weren’t included in them. Therefore, there is a certain need for companies to review their long-term sales plans.

  • Understanding Sales Trends

    You need to look into several market indicators including government policies, economic cycles, climate change, industry trends, and many other factors. Conduct an in-depth examination of the industry and analyze the data points to set your sales and marketing goals for 2021.

  • Analyze your Competitors as well as your Sales Capacity

    2020 has given us enough challenges to determine our ability to adapt to major industry changes. That leads us to our understanding of how capable we are to accomplish different sales difficulties. And not only this, but we are now also able to look at our competitors and look at their approach to the upcoming year.

Conclusively, you need to study some different trends that are set by the year 2020 and act according to them for planning and strategizing your sales goals for the coming year. Reviewing your key indicators and how 2020 impacted them, setting quarterly goals with yearly ones would help you to be aware of the market and plan your sales strategy for 2021.

How to master your Sales Strategy?

As time is passing and we’ve moved towards a new year, a trend is being followed by many businesses and that is they’re focusing on compensating for the changes caused due to the pandemic. But some businesses are adapting to the changes as well as focusing on the development of a solid and effective sales strategy for the upcoming years. And to do so, there is a need for some key considerations to implement into your 2021 sales strategy and establish a foundation for your growth in the coming year. For the same, you need to focus on the following main points:

  • You need a better understanding of your customers. Do that by prioritizing your existing customers and determining their value aligned to your brand.

  • Analyze your competitors and learn about their strengths and weaknesses and then capitalize that information for the benefit of your 2021 sales strategy.

  • Build a strong system for analyzing your sales. It helps you in getting access to actionable data at the earliest and makes your sales process more agile.

All of these key points help you in the development of a strong and effective sales strategy for 2021 for your brand.

Role of Apptivo in Strengthening your Sales Strategy

Apptivo helps your brand in the establishment and development of a strong sales strategy for the upcoming years. Apptivo CRM helps you in the process to qualify your leads as it gathers leads from different sources. You can also create leads manually, but Apptivo Leads App features a simple interface so that you can focus on collecting leads on the system. With Apptivo’s Opportunities application, you can manage the Lead development process through the Sales Stages so that you can assess and manage the nurturing process of your leads. Additionally, you can also manage your global sales status using the Territory Management application that helps you in grouping your leads based on different factors.

With Apptivo CRM you also get access to Apptivo’s Sales Planning app, which helps you to manage sales targets and tactics for your business and then guides you through the steps to meet your targets. Apptivo helps you in tackling the challenges put forth by the COVID-19 pandemic while also empowering you to develop a strong Sales Strategy for the upcoming year.


To be ready for the coming year, you need to work on several factors that help you in the development of a strong sales strategy. Your brand need not only accomplish the challenges of the pandemic but also catalyze the growth in the changing market environment. The year 2021 will surely be a year of surprises and we would be witnessing huge changes in the market as well. So with Apptivo, be prepared for the unexpected.

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