Customer facing refers to the business service feature experienced by the customer. It is a component of customer relationship management that describes any technology or information that is directed to the customers. A customer facing solution is tailored to delivering user experience through all customer touch points.

What is Customer facing?

Customer facing denotes the interaction with the customers. A customer facing role is any function in which the organization interacts directly with the customers. There are different channels available for customer facing functions.

1.Have face to face direct conversation with the customer

2.Send mails, messages and make calls.

3.Engage through social media posts

4.Guide them using chatbots.

What are the skills required for customer facing jobs?

Customer facing jobs refers to the frontline jobs that require working directly and communicating in real time with the customers. Customer facing is one of the first employers who interact with the brand and create interest over the brand, and further move them along the shopping experience. Customer facing plays a major role in the ability of the company to acquire more customers especially when working with the prospects or leads. There are certain skills required by the customer facing teams. Listed below are some of those key skills required for the customer facing roles.

1.Active listening

Active listening is an effective sales skill, which is needed for every customer facing employee. When the customers talk about their problem or issues, you need to actively listen and show them that you care about the situation. The conversation is more likely to be engaged when the customers feel that you are actively listening to their complaints.

2.Problem solving

Problem solving is one of the core skills required by the customer facing teams. Sales reps usually explain how their product is actually going to solve the customer’s problem. Marketing team found a great way in promoting the brand. The customer service personnel resolve the issue of the customer. Being an effective problem solver is important while working with the customers.

3.Emotional intelligence

The customer facing teams need to find a way to react to the emotions of the customer in a prompt manner. You have to be accurate about diagnosing the feelings and emotions of the customers, which will make the conversation even more effective.

4.Prompt communication

Exchange of information plays a key role in communicating effectively with the customers. Marketing, sales or customer service customer facing teams need to properly communicate things in a clear and concise manner. Poor communication will probably cause dissatisfaction and will result in an unhappy experience.

5.Self awareness

Another important skill required by the customer facing team is to be self – aware of the situation. You need to perceive what the customer needs and give them the solution they require.

What are the types of customer facing jobs?

There are many different customer facing jobs which involve interacting with the customers – Both internal and external. The customer facing roles differs from one industry to another. There is a broad category of customer facing jobs. Most of the customer facing jobs come under the customer service stream.

  • Customer service specialist
  • Customer service rep
  • Customer success manager
  • Customer service agent
  • Customer support engineer
  • Client services coordinator
  • Call center agent
  • Cashier
  • Account executive
  • Customer liaison officer
  • Receptionist
  • Customer care operator
  • Technical support representative
  • Social media customer care
  • Account executive

The job specification might vary for each role , but the central motive is to serve the customers and enhance their experience with the brand.

What is the customer facing technology that makes work easier?

1.Help Desk

Help desks are a super duper technology that hosts different types of customer service such as instant messaging such as chatbots, FB messenger, Self service guides and resources, shared inboxes. The platforms helps support the cases, address the inquiries and fix the issues. You can also connect with the customer service representative for further assistance. Help Desks are a great way to guide the customers to find solutions on their own. Also these platforms serve as a knowledge base in which customers find the resources they need that assist them in troubleshooting. This customer facing technology is a great way to save time for the customer support team and also is helpful in removing all the issues and fixing the bugs of the customers instantaneously.

2.Ticketing system

A ticketing system creates individual documents that can record the details of the customers along with the interactions. With the help of these tickets, you can have access to the details which will be helpful in troubleshooting or following up with the customers later. You can also personalize the conversations which will further create a strong connection between the customers and the company.

3.Social media

Many companies interact with their customers via social media, they post content and guides in the social media platform and also check the performance of the digital activity. You can also schedule posts for the whole week in various social media channels from a single location. You can monitor the impressions and engagements that you receive from the interactions in social media.

4.Software for customer feedback

The customer facing roles are usually measured by customer feedback. Customer satisfaction is usually measured by net promoter score. With the help of the feedback, the management can predict how the customers feel about the brand and its employees. Based on the feedback, you can further improve the services that you offer and make customer facing a welcoming experience for the customers.

5.Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management is a must have technology especially when it comes to sales, marketing and customer service. The CRM has multiple tools that maintain the customer interactions and build the relationships in an effective manner. The data that is readily available in the CRM will cater to the needs and requirements of the customers thus enhancing the user experience and customer satisfaction in an impeccable manner.


Each and every interaction a person has with the company or its employees, play a major role in perceiving the brand. Everyone working in the customer facing roles are representatives of the company. Even a single bad interaction can cause a serious effect on the customers. When a customer facing employee nails his/her job, they create a positive experience for the customers which will in turn have a great impact on the company’s growth.

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