3 Easy Phrases To Improve Customer Interaction In Your Business

In 2018, we’ve got software for everything. Countless software to do the same exact things by different companies. So the stakes are always high when it comes to the customer service department.

Either we win the customers’ loyalty or lose them forever!

Some Certain words and phrases make a considerable impact. It can crush their impression and the way the customer feels about you and your businesses.

That is why we’re going to talk about the 3 simple phrases you can use to deliver kickass service and improve your customer rapport.

“I appreciate you letting us know!”

Do you know who the unsung superheroes of the product quality are?

The customers who speak up!

Yes, most of the customers when encountering a bug don’t always report them. So be grateful for those who do. They went out of their way to bring this to your attention and a short “Thank you” email for their efforts will go a long way. People like getting patted on the back.

“I’m not sure, but I will find out for you.”

Not knowing the answer to a question is a challenging scenario but it’s okay.

You know what’s not okay?

Handling them like hot potatoes.

They’ve already waited on a queue and listened to your annoying on-hold music (I’m sure yours is cool) with the hope that you’ll help them. As of now, you’re their Superman! So, don’t disappoint them.

It’s okay if you don’t know the answer. You can always find them. Good customer support is about finding the right answer rather than knowing them.

However, never ask them to call another department or number. Put them on-hold and find the answer for them. Even in a worst-case scenario, transfer the call to the concerned department and make sure to give them a heads up before transferring.

Don’t make them call you again! Period.

“I’ll keep you posted on the status.”

This one is a gem and Apptivo’s favorite. It offers a sense of trust and VIP treatment.

They’ve already gotten in touch with you once for their support request. The least we can do now is keep them informed about the status. If a customer gets in touch to check in on the status of their request, then it’s already a failure.

The best practice is to update customers of their request statuses at least once a day.

This is not only a status update but a way to build your rapport. Also, it shows how committed your team is, and you care about them. You cannot promise a solution by the given time. It’s up to the developers. But, you can promise them an update.

The language of customer service isn’t achieved overnight by reading blogs and watching videos. It’s a skill that takes time to hone. Incorporating the phrases we discussed is a start, but in no time it’ll leave you with happy and loyal customers.


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