We have a special Friday delivery for the Apptivo community… Our new Mobile CRM has finally arrived! This app was completed and submitted to both the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store yesterday (April 4th). For the Android users out there, the app is already available for download right now. Head on over to our Mobile CRM App on the Play store now. For the Apple users out there, don’t fret, the app will be available for download as soon as the Apple team approves the listing.

Features of the mobile app

This first version of Apptivo mobile will include all of your central homepage dashboards, so you can always stay up to date with your company news feed, or quickly create any tasks. You’ll also have access to the core of our CRM module, including the Contacts, Customers, Leads, and Opportunities. Here is a quick summary of the features included:

  • View and post to company news feed
  • View and create appointments in your calendar
  • View and create tasks
  • View and create sales follow ups
  • Read and send email
  • Create, view, and edit contacts, customers, leads, opportunities
  • Store call logs in the CRM
  • Convert leads to customers, contacts, and opportunities
  • Record notes in all of the apps
  • Upload documents in all of the apps

The only features which are not available in the mobile app are related to configuration. You will need to perform all configuration within the web application, and these settings will apply instantly to your mobile apps.

When is the app available for iPhone & iPad?

We have submitted the app for review as of yesterday, so we are awaiting the Apple team to approve the app and make it available to the community. According to this website, we can expect the app to be available by the middle of next week. We’ll keep you posted!

Learn more about mobile CRM for phone & tablets

This app is designed to work for both tablet & mobile phone devices, and works seamlessly with the web app you already know and love. You’ll find the transition from our web interface to mobile to be a very simple one, as we have retained over 90% of the web app functionality. When navigating through the app, you’ll be presented with familiar buttons and menus available in the same place you can find them on our website.

To learn more about individual feature of the app, check out our mobile app knowledge base , which has helpful content available at anytime. If you have any questions about the app, you can ask them here, and get answers from the pros!

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