Mobile phones are efficient communication devices that makes our life easier. Today we are in a situation where we can’t even think about surviving without mobile phones. Mobile devices have occupied an inevitable space in our day-to day lives. The importance of mobile phones are grown to the extent that it is not only used for communication purposes but also widely used for businesses today. Everyone wants to access apps in their mobile on the go, they want to access data even outside office, they don’t want to open their laptops / computers for retrieving information. You know why? They want everything in their mobile. — “Right there in their hands.”

What is Mobile CRM?

A customer relationship management is a system that allows to manage the customer interactions in a centralised platform. The business and sales team can easily track, monitor and manage their data and can effectively streamline the activities with a few clicks.

Now what is a mobile CRM?

A mobile CRM is just having that CRM application in your mobile. Just like your laptops/computers, you can access the customer data in your mobile phones without any hassle. Traditional CRM used desktops as their only medium, today many CRM vendors are providing compatible CRM applications in mobile phones for business people to access information on the go.

Why is Mobile CRM Important?

Mobile phones bring everything at ease. Businesses invest in CRM to manage their data in an effortless way possible. Later today, when business people can access the CRM application from their mobile phones – it is a cherry on the top.

Mobile phones contribute to a significant increase in sales numbers. Businesses that access mobile CRM experience more Engaging communications, effective data management and a much stronger customer relationship management — “Everything on the go.”

What are the Benefits of Mobile CRM Application?

For CRM to be at its effective best, it should be accessible and compatible across all the devices. Flexibility is one of the important requirement for business professionals as well as the sales team due to hectic work conditions, remote working, work from home, working while travelling and much more. Lets dig deep into the benefits of using CRM application in mobile devices.


Mobile CRM has a tremendous impact on the sales figures. The number of deals closed is tied to the rapidness with which the sales team have access to the important data related to the prospects. When they are working out of the office, mobile CRM is just a boon for them to work whenever , however and wherever possible. They can easily manage and retrieve information regarding the purchase history or check for meetings that are scheduled, plan the day with the calendar events, send bulk emails and look for tasks associated with the employees. The key results of mobile CRM is the “convenience” and “ease” that allows the sales team to focus on the conversions in an efficient way.


Mobile CRM application allows a greater degree of coordination and collaboration among activities. Business teams who use Mobile based CRM tools can easily view and access the dashboard, send information across different teams, view each team’s performance — Everything in a central platform , that too in your mobile! Mutual collaboration and coordination amongst teams help reduce wastage of time, effort and resources. Everyone will work in unison towards achieving a result oriented target.

Customer satisfaction

“There’s only thing that matters in business – Customer satisfaction.”
A exemplary customer service will keep the customers happy and satisfied. Customers appreciate the positive customer service experiences that bring about a sense of satisfaction for both the customer and the business. With Mobile CRM, business personnel can escalate cases and assign work orders through their mobile even if they are not in the office. When customers experience Quick response to cases, it improves the quality of customer service thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Further it will lead to customer loyalty and brand identity. Mobile CRM proves to nurture long term relationship with the customers.

Result Driven

Mobile CRM is a unified platform, when deployed properly it provides result driven outcomes. CRM has calendar, reminders, tasks , day-to day activities just like your phone. When you sync and update real time information, you can streamline the business operations with ease. The productivity will improve significantly with the help of mobile CRM.


One of the major reason as why businesses invest in CRM Software is “CRM saves PLENTY OF TIME.” You can access information, talk to your contacts, plan calls, update leads and opportunities, open and share documents, access dashboards, review performance and what not!
Businesses can do everything with the CRM Software and especially with Mobile based CRM, it is even more time saving. In business, Time is an important resource and while you can save that precious resource by just downloading this mobile CRM application, why not?!!

Why Mobile CRM Matters?


The stats in the above infographic changes the perception of business. Everything is done in real time and no one has the patience to wait till you get back to office and get things done. So it is very important to strategize your Mobile CRM that caters to the business and its customers.

The mobile access to information on the go and possibility of using CRM in mobile that provides superior customer service and support are two significant promise of mobile CRM.

CRM is compatible with android and IOS operating system. Whether you are using an IOS/ Android, you needn’t worry about CRM deployment. CRM plays its roles effectively in both the operating system.


CRM is more than just building relationships and managing data. In today’s world, It is all about access and mobility. In the future, when everything is that easy — “Mobile CRM will see significant growth and will be used widely.”
With Cloud storage, Business teams can view and access all the information irrespective of the geographical location. You can work and sell in a smarter, faster and effective way known to man.Due to the rapid use of mobile phone and internet traffic generated from mobile phones at large, Mobile CRM marks a big step in CRM industry.


With Mobile CRM you get,

  • Centrally held information anywhere on the go.
  • Simple escalation and less query resolve time.
  • Smart API’S that creates amazing integrations.
  • Real time tracking.
  • Access dashboards, performance and contents.
  • Increase in sales figures.
  • Effective work co-ordination.

Why Choose Apptivo Mobile CRM?

Apptivo CRM offers an array of apps on the web as well as mobile devices. Two apps are currently available in the Android, Windows and iPhone marketplace. SOME of the apps are listed below:

With Apptivo Mobile CRM solutions App, you have the ability to create and access data related to your contacts, customers, leads.

With Apptivo mobile invoice app, send unlimited invoices to your customers directly from your mobile device.

Apptivo Expenses is the perfect app to streamline your expense management process. A mobile app to track and manage your expenses on the go.

Apptivo Help Desk app integrated with Google Map API manages all problems and issues that your customer incurs.

With Apptivo mobile work order app, you easily dispatch employees, track time and materials, navigate by map, take photos etc.

Want to know more?


  • View and post news feed
  • View and create appointments in your calendar
  • View and create tasks
  • View and create sales follow ups
  • Read and send email
  • Create, view, and edit contacts, customers, leads, opportunities
  • Store call logs in the CRM
  • Convert leads to customers, contacts, and opportunities
  • Record notes in all of the apps
  • Upload documents in all of the apps


“You can now have apptivo in your mobile”


– WORK doesn’t always mean to sit before the computer all
the time, Apptivo has got you covered !!



The Mobile CRM enables the business people and the field employees to access information on the go. The sheer growth of mobile phones has led to the next generation CRM move. Mobile CRM has become increasingly important as it improves customer relationships, the productivity and the profitability of the business.

Accessible dashboard, real time access to information, customer data management, exceptional customer service, data driven analytics, advanced reporting, effective sales and marketing automation are some of the key concepts associated with mobile CRM.

Mobile CRM provides ample benefits for the businesses by reducing the employee downtime with complete access to data and thereby increasing productivity. Equipping a Mobile CRM for your business builds an edge over your competitors.

Mobile CRM application is a app that is compatible and accessible in your mobile phones, just like your tablet or laptop. With mobile CRM application, you get real time access to information anywhere anytime. It is proved to be the next generation move in the CRM industry.

IOS/Android smartphone, Internet connection, CRM app and access to the CRM Software are the most basic and essential requirements to deploy the CRM app in a mobile device.

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