This latest update of the Invoices App includes some additions to taxes, the addition of Promotional Codes in Invoices and more.
Our biggest addition to Invoices is the ability to add multiple tax rates. As many of you have requested for it, and Apptivo being more customer centric, we have now implemented it for you. This will allow you to add multiple levels of taxes to one invoice. Tax rate types can be selected as a flat rate or stacked. All taxes can be either be enabled or disabled by a click of a button. All of the tax configurations can be found under the Taxes tab in the Invoice Settings.

There are many businesses that give out promotional codes to their most loyal customers or to new customers to attract them. Promotions can come in all forms, such as a fixed amount or a percentage of the sales that is been deducted. They can be applied at the bottom of any invoice at the time of invoice creation.

Apptivo Invoices New Features

Multi Rate Tax Rates

You can now have multi rate tax rates for your invoices. Adding tax to your invoices is one of the most essential requirement. In certain cases, you would want to apply two or more taxes. In that case, multi rate taxes would be of help, where you can have two or more single rate taxes added together.

Implemented invoice-level tax codes

One of the cool features is that, you can customize the position of the tax in the invoices generated. That is, Apptivo gives you the flexibility to configure the place, where you would want the invoice tax codes to get displayed. Create tax codes, configure the position and send out invoices.

Now supports multicurrency

Apptivo gives you the ability to bill your customers in their own currencies. That is, we support multi currency option with an automatic currency conversion rate. Various account transactions can be done using the company’s base currency. This feature lets you to bill your customers without any hassle.

The ability to create an Invoice from an Order

Besides creating invoices and sending it out to your customers, Apptivo gives you the ability to create invoices from the orders. With just a few clicks, you can convert an order to an invoice instantly.

Promotional Codes

Advancements are to a great extent versatile, making you valuable for pulling in new customers, re-connecting with dormant customers, and remunerating steadfast customers. Your business can be promoted by using the promo codes. Add a promotional code to any invoice you generate and make your customers happy

We also have specific tax code posts for various countries. Click on Invoices tax code settings in various countries to access those posts

For more details, please watch the youtube link to quickly setup Apptivo Invoices and enjoy unlimited customizations and configurations. >>

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