All over the world, the countries levy taxes on goods and services for the purpose of increasing the revenue of the country. This taxable amount will be used by the governments for many beneficial activities like infrastructure improvement, health services, public security etc. So it’s the responsibility of the civilians to pay direct and indirect sales tax rates for the goods and services.

Apptivo Invoices App has the most predominant configuration of taxation for the goods and services sold. Being the best invoice software, it will allow you to set single and multi-rate taxes based upon your needs. For your convenience, we have shown how to create tax code and configure tax code settings with a list of countries for better understanding. This ensures that your tax invoice templates meet the standard tax invoice requirements.

Taxation for countries differs from one another. It may be a single or multi taxes levied over goods and services. Apptivo has covered it all. With Apptivo you can set the tax code for invoices which you provide to your customers.

This blog will guide users through the setting of various country wise tax codes.

Country Wise – Apptivo’s Tax Invoice code Setup

Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand

Barcelona, Kingdom of Spain

Beijing, People’s Republic of China

England, United Kingdom

Island of France, French Republic

Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Milan, Italian Republic

Moscow, Russian Federation

Maharashtra, Republic of India

North Rhine Westphalia, Federal Republic of Germany

New South Wales, Australia

Province of Gauteng, South Africa

Province of Ontario, Canada

Republic of the Philippines

Republic of Singapore

Sao Paulo, Federative Republic of Brazil

Slovak Republic

South Holland, Kingdom of the Netherlands

United Mexican States

Note:  Invoice Tax code calculations are done on the basis of tax rates and tax type followed by each country separately, do not generalize it.

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