What is Contact Sync?

Contact sync is the process of allowing all members of your G Suite domain to share contact information between each other.

By using the Apptivo CRM apps, your entire company will have instant access to all employee & business contact information such as phone, email, etc; all available through the Gmail website.

Why Use Our G Suite Contact Sync?

  • Reduce effort creating contacts in multiple places.
  • Keep business contacts up to date on all devices & applications.
  • Share employee contact information with the entire business.
  • Use the app for free!

See how Apptivo contact sync compares to the competition.

How Does it Work?

  • Two contact groups will be added to your Gmail account
    • Employees
    • Contacts
  • These groups are created for every employee with access to the app
  • Changes to contacts in these groups are shared with all employees
  • All contacts are kept in sync with the Contacts & Employees Apps in Apptivo
  • You may also implement shared groups of contacts using Teams in Apptivo. If you’d like to implement 3 shared groups of contacts, you create 3 teams in Apptivo, add your employees who are part of those shared groups and then assign those teams to the contact.

How do I Enable Contact Syncing in G Suite?

1. Install the Apptivo Contact Sharing App from the G Suite Marketplace.

Read our guide on how to install & configure contact sharing from G Suite.

2. Enable your Employees for the Contacts App in Apptivo

Enable your employees for the Contacts App in Apptivo. You also identify the employee’s manager here, which will be used by Apptivo if you use secure contact sharing.

Read our guide on how to Import your employees and add security roles in Apptivo.

Wait a minute. Didn’t I enable my employees in Google already? Why do I need to do that again?
All you are doing in Google is to enable the app so your employees can access them from the “more…” link inside their G Suite page. Apptivo is a collection of apps and hence access to each needs to be controlled so your employees don’t access the apps they are not authorized to. Trust us… this is an important step, and not too hard. When you install other Apptivo apps from the marketplace, this step will become a lot easier to understand.

3. Free Contact Sharing

Free contact sharing is where all the employees who have access to the Contacts App can see all the contacts shared between them. So, in this mode, if you add a contact to the “Apptivo Contacts” group in Google, it will be synced with all the employees in your domain who have been properly enabled for contact sharing through steps 1 & 2.

If you have completed the above steps, congratulations! You already have free contact sharing set up. This is the default setup for contact sharing.

Don’t worry, even in this mode, contacts will be shared only with the employees that you identified in step #2.

4. Enable Secure Contact Sharing

Secure contact sharing is where each employee can view/update only the contacts to which he/she has access. Access is granted by assigning an employee to a contact or team.

Read our guide on assigning employees/teams to a contact.

In this mode, if an employee adds a contact to the “Apptivo Contacts” group in Google, it will be synced with that employee’s manager, manager’s manager, and so on.

Read our guide on how to set up secure contact sharing.

The App is Now Configured! It’s Time to Share Your Contacts!

You can either create/import contacts into Apptivo, or add your existing Google contacts to the shared group.

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