1. Time to add toppings!

2. Enriching contact management with data

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Time to add toppings!

Cakes are great. Even a plain cake is something delectable. But if you want to really enjoy it, add icing, add toppings, and even add some fondant decorations. That would make the cake great.

Customer data is like plain cake. Using them, you can get the patronage that will sustain you. However, enrich your contact information with as much relevant data as you can – the toppings – to generate the most opportunities with the same contact.

Enriching contact management with data

It was rightly said by Walt Disney that “there is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details”. A company’s ability to serve customers as they would like to be served depends on how much details it has about a customer. The enriched data that results is richer and more detailed, allowing brands to more easily personalize their messaging because they know more about their customers. Contact enrichment can be done through various data collected from the customer and we have pointed out some of them:


Contact management software can keep track of names, phone numbers, and email addresses, as well as interactions with the company and important calendar events. These details are useful when sending promotional messages and personalized messages on any special occasion, such as a birthday or a wedding anniversary.

No matter how detailed the customer data, it is confined to a specific time duration only. Income levels fluctuate, the car model, physical address even the marital status is not static. With all of these potential changes, updated data enrichment should be consistent.


Business data always has a lot to say about a company’s insight, which aids in approaching them. It could be the industry, the number of employees, the location, the partners and affiliations, the requirements, and so on. These tidbits aid the sales, marketing, and customer service teams in reaching out to and converting customers.


For a business, Social media is more than just a place to inform customers, it gives an opportunity to gain consumer trust. It serves as one of the most precise and responsive insights into the target audience, customer engagement, interests and so on. Today, tracking and replying to customers’ social media reviews and comments has become an essential engagement platform and many businesses have successfully leveraged them.


Referral happens through the loyal customers on behalf of the business. As per Nielsen, word-of-mouth is the primary driving force for 92% of customer’s purchasing decisions. It boosts customer acquisition, company reputation, customer loyalty, and lead generation for any organization. Proactively obtain referrals from customers and track on how many are converting to customers. Reward the customer who gave you the referral that converted. Over a period of time, the business will get a list of customers who are most influential.

Purchase history

Just by using the name, email address or mobile number it is easy to pull the previous transactions and predict the customers future purchases as well. This helps in sending customized messages and making them buy the product again. Knowing which products a consumer has previously purchased or which products they frequently repurchase can give worthwhile upselling and cross-selling opportunities, businesses can use purchase history data to improve the customer experience.

RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) analysis, which is a way of predicting how a new customer will act in the future based on data from previous customers’ purchase history.

i) Interest– Knowing buyer needs and preferences has two effects on the company. First off, it promotes business expansion. Second, it reduces the amount of money that is wasted on marketing. As a result, a consumer who shows interest serves as a gateway to getting him to make a purchase for any firm.

ii) Opportunities- It is far simpler for a salesperson to convert a contact into a potential customer once they realize that they are an opportunity rather than a lead who may or may not be aware of their company.

iii) Conversions- Rate of conversion info can be helpful in taking the business ahead in the near future. As businesses can plan new strategies to get more opportunities to convert into customers.


Collecting customer reviews aids in the creation of new, relevant content about a brand to attract buyers. However expensive a product or service may be, everyone looks for legitimacy and social proof before making a final decision to purchase it. People weigh their trusted friends’ and peers’ opinions when making decisions, but reviews—whether online or offline—serve as a third eye for any product or service.

Engagement history

Sales process begins with customer engagement from the business end. The likelihood of purchasing the product or service is increased to a greater level by contact via phone, message, or even email.

Consider a customer who is thinking about buying a wardrobe. Having the ability to engage with that customer, based on those indications while he/she was browsing the website, the business sends an email, SMS or push-notification trigger related to that product with some promotional offer that customer might be enticed by. It has been proven time and again, the conversions to relevant communications has always been high.

Support interactions

Many customers reach support teams as a last resort, some call support at the drop of a hat. Businesses would do well to learn from customer support and other survey feedbacks conducted with them. It will assist in running in a more customer-friendly business. Some of the benefits of collecting customer feedback are:

a) Aids businesses in making decisive

b) Enhances prospect loyalty and engagement

c) Identifies potential for product improvement

d) Subsequently leads to enhanced client experiences and greater customer retention.


Loyalty data can help enrich data by providing insights into customer behavior and preferences. It is possible to tailor marketing efforts, increase customer retention, optimize reward programmes, and improve customer service using this information.


Data enrichment will provide your company with all that it needs to move forward and succeed. Businesses can use this data to create more detailed profiles of their contacts, gain insights into their behavior and preferences, and improve their interactions with those contacts. It is possible to notice a shift in how current and prospective customers perceive a company. The Contact Management software from Apptivo has an easy setup process and a free trial period.

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