For an effective crm sales process, sales force automation is an important aspect. This vital activity of sales automation can be seamlessly done with the sales management tools. To assist the sales managers and teams in producing better sales and productivity, sales software is used nowadays. The following scenario explains the sales process steps of implementing a product sales process.


Glocial Machineries would like to track their company product sales. The process would start from scratch till they get paid from a customer. This is for machinery sale to a customer.

Apptivo apps definitely help Glocial machineries to track their product sale. Integration would allow their sales management process to move one step ahead, by switching from one app to another easily.

The below picture will give you a basic outline of the process.

Example Sales Workflow

The below flows are typically for Glocial machineries and their business setup. These flows may get changed depends on the business process.

Let us observe a quick example flow of the sales steps:

product sales process

  1. Sofia qualifies a potential lead and converted that to an opportunity.
  2. She schedules follow-ups with that lead to understand their needs and updates the sales stages in the sales pipeline.
  3. Now, this opportunity is ready to convert. Sofia assigned this opportunity to mark henry.
  4. Mark Henry will convert this opportunity into an estimate and prepare quotes for machinery. He will email this quote to the customer and customer can request a change in the quote if needed anything.
  5. Once the customer says okay, he will move this estimate into an Order.
  6. Once the order being received, Glocial quality assurance team would test the machinery for final delivery and inform finance department.
  7. The delivery team will pick and ship the order to customer location.
  8. The finance department will create an invoice from the order and send out to customers.

Sofia has a lead and converts into an opportunity

  1. Sofia found a potential lead and converted that lead into an opportunity.

    schedule followup

  2. She has scheduled follow ups with the opportunity and moving the sales stages.

    followup popup

  3. Now, this opportunity is set to move next stage. Sofia will assign this to Mark Henry to move further. He will look at the opportunity and convert it to an Estimate.

    assigned to field

  4. Mark henry understands the opportunity and provides an estimate

  5. He will send an estimate to customer with more details in the notes section.

    send estimate

  6. Customer can send a change request if they needed anything. Once they approve this estimate, Mark will convert it to an Order.

    to order

  7. Now, this estimate will be converted into an Order.
  8. The Glocial quality assurance team will ensure the machine for final delivery and then initiate the pick release.

    pick release order

  9. Once pick released an order, sales receipt will generate automatically.

    invoice receipt

  10. Shipping process

  11. The delivery team will pick and ship to the customer address.

    pick order

    ship order

  12. The Inventory quantity will be reduced automatically after the shipment process.
  13. Finance sends invoice to the customer and receives payment

  14. The finance department will prepare an Invoice from the order and send out to customers.

    create invoice from order

  15. Once the finance receives payment, they will record the payment.
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