We hope you had a great holiday, and that you are back and motivated to tackle another great week! Our most recent update occurred last week on Saturday November 23rd, 2013. Once again we were focused on bringing further updates to the Version 5.0 apps in CRM, and this update brings a couple key features.

The biggest item in this release is the ability to add variables like a contact’s first name automatically when delivering email from Apptivo, but the majority of the changes were small improvements to help make the system easier to use. We’re also still actively working on the Projects V5 Beta, and we’re hopeful to finish the beta by end of month.

New Features Available

  • Dynamic message templates – Also known as “Mail Merge”, personalize emails with information like a contact’s name & company.
    Create Email Templates
  • Active/inactive flag – In each app where you have a “Status”, you can determine whether that status should be hidden from searches. For example, to hide all dead leads.
  • View-based export – Now when exporting data to a spreadsheet, you can either export all fields, or only export the currently visible fields.
  • Custom attribute sharing – This feature already existed in estimates, invoices, and work orders. Now share fields between CRM apps, so you don’t need to re-type info when converting.
    Share Custom Fields
  • Default column sets – Now the first “View Column Set” will be the default for any time you search/navigate within an app. Drag a column set to the drop to make it default.
  • Currency conversion – Keep a central location for currencies you accept in business settings, and their current conversion rate. Currently only works in the Opportunities App.
    Currency Conversion Table

Other Changes & Improvements

  • Call logs can now be tracked in seconds, minutes, or hours.
  • Fixed some issues related to the scrollbar behavior.
  • Opportunity “type” field has been added into the Leads App.
  • When viewing a side-panel, you can press the “Esc” key to close.
  • Upgraded the text editor present throughout all apps.
  • More improvements & error handling for CSV upload features.
  • Resolved some issues where certain emails would not appear properly in Apptivo.
  • Copy/paste into email no longer causes inconsistent formatting.

Upcoming in the next release

In the next few weeks, we have three primary focuses: Projects V5, Homepage V5, and more CRM Cleanup. Homepage V5 will include a ton of key improvements, such as a much improved alerts system that tells you exactly when appointments or tasks are due for follow up. We will begin work on the new Estimates & Invoices V5 as well, although these will likely go live in January.

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