After many months of blood, sweat, and tears, the latest Apptivo technology is finally here. If you’ve been following our story, we began rolling out our V5 technology in August of 2013, and continued updating the core applications into early 2014. Since then, we’ve been hard at work producing the latest iteration: Apptivo V6.

This new version of the software is designed to retain the familiar Apptivo layout & integration you’ve come to know and love, while turning it into a sleek modern system that can be adapted to the ever growing technology needs of your business. This new technology will serve as the base for many excellent new features & enhancements that we plan to introduce throughout the rest of the year. These upgrades will be rolled out completely free to Apptivo users, and we’re excited to hear feedback from the community.

What is Apptivo “V6”?

Apptivo V6 is the next evolution of the technology that powers your business apps.  You may have previously heard us announce this technology as “V5.1”, but so many great changes have been put into place, it seems appropriate to give it a brand new name.

Every new update published this year will use the V6 technology, starting with the homepage dashboards & collaboration features (news feed, calendar, tasks, follow ups, notes, documents).  Shortly after the homepage updates, you’ll see the new versions of our CRM and Estimates/Invoices Apps, followed by the rest of the platform.

The vision for V6 can be summed up in one sentence:

Create a modern interface to function across all devices (big and small) while introducing more customization options, reducing the effort to perform basic tasks, and increasing the business intelligence provided by reports & dashboards.

Core V6 Enhancements

  • Responsive design –  Expands to fit widescreen monitors, and shrinks to fit tablets and phones as well.
  • Unique URL for each page – Bookmark specific pages, and use your browser’s back/forward buttons.
  • Clear & simple paging – All lists of data now broken into pages of 50, making it simple to flip between different pages of results, instead of scrolling down to locate data.
  • View more on each page – Reduction of wasted space at top of page, to make more content visible without scrolling.
  • Bigger side-panels – Side-panel now expands to fit the entire height of the page, showing more information.

Homepage & Collaboration Enhancements

  • Sleeker left-navigation to switch between dashboards & gain more visible space.
  • Each homepage dashboards, like tasks, has it’s own navigation to easily filter & search your activities.
  • New notes page added, to view & search all notes across the system.
  • Navigate directly to associated records in 1-click from any item on your agenda.
  • Enhanced email search options, including searching based on tags, or for specific keywords within the email body.

Upcoming Homepage & Collaboration Enhancements

  • Selecting the exact time for a follow up reminder to be triggered (instead of XX time before due date).
  • Add view column set configuration to each activity type.
  • Support for saving custom views in each homepage dashboard, like tasks.
  • Global search – to find any records across any Apptivo app.
  • Recurring activities (tasks, events, and follow ups).
  • Generate a contact, lead, customer, opportunity, as well as tasks, follow ups, and events directly from any email you are viewing.

Want to preview the upcoming changes?

We are currently accepting beta testers for the homepage & collaboration features, where testing is underway right now.  In the coming weeks we’ll also be providing access for beta testing estimates, invoices, and the CRM apps. Fill in the form below to get on the list!
[apptivocontactform name=”v5_sneak_preview”]

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