After months of beta testing and hearing feedback from our customers, we’re happy to officially announce the CRM V6 release. Not everyone will see the change at once, as we’re rolling it out to a select few customers at a time (inquire below to get upgraded now). A vast amount of new features have been added to simplify the sales process as well as 2 new apps, so let’s get started!

CRM V6 Overview Video

Watch the 45 minute overview of CRM V6 and see all of the new features in action!

Recap: What is V6?

V6 is a total upgrade to the Apptivo apps, being introduced in groups of apps at a time. The current upgrade affects these existing CRM Apps:

  • Contacts App
  • Customers App
  • Leads App
  • Opportunities App
  • Cases App

These apps will get great visual updates & many new features, but they will be 100% familiar for existing users, so no re-training is required.

With this upgrade there are 3 brand new apps being launched: Territories & Sales Planning & Competitors. These apps build advanced features on top of your existing sales apps, and will only be available to businesses on the ultimate plan.

Core V6 Enhancements

  • Responsive design – Expands to fit widescreen monitors, and shrinks to fit tablets and phones as well.
  • Unique URL for each page – Bookmark specific pages, and use your browser’s back/forward buttons.
  • Clear & simple paging – All lists of data now broken into pages of 50, making it simple to flip between different pages of results, instead of scrolling down to locate data.
  • View more on each page – Reduction of wasted space at top of page, to make more content visible without scrolling.
  • Bigger side-panels – Side-panel now expands to fit the entire height of the page, showing more information.

Key CRM V6 Features

  • Quota & forecast management – A new Sales Planning App to define quotas for each employee/territory & track attainment.
  • New graphical dashboards – Beautiful new sales dashboards added to track quota performance and break down the pipeline into a sales funnel.
  • Opportunity probability controls – Managers can set expected probability for each sales stage, and prevent users from manually changing.
  • Track win/loss reasons – Now track the outcome of each deal, and use this intelligence to make better business decisions.
  • Enhanced item tracking on opportunities – Track multiple items per opportunity with individual discounts, and indicate which items were sold and excluded.

Useful Tips & Tricks With New Improvements

  1. Resize the columns in list layouts to optimize screen usage
  2. Cases now supports bulk export
  3. Browse records by tag in the left navigation
  4. Apply default list layouts to views
  5. New email forwarding system available for email to case
  6. Territories for opportunities now default to values from customer record
  7. Add bookmarks to common reports & dashboards

What you can do now?

If you’re interested in trying out the new CRM V6, please email us at and we’ll add you to the next wave of updates. Also, we love hearing feedback from our customers, so either use the feedback button in the app, or contact anyone on the support team to make your voice heard.

Invoices V6 Beta

It’s about time for the new Invoices App to being beta testing. If you’re interested in checking it out, send an email to We’ll be opening up the first wave of public beta testers in the upcoming weeks.

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