Connect your Businesses with Customers

  1. Connect your business with a customer.

  2. The customer should have an email address to receive an invitation.
  3. An email will be triggered to the customer email id with an invitation, either he can log in if he has an Apptivo account or sign up to Apptivo.

Note: Connect your businesses with customers who are not Apptivo users.

The customer will receive an email and invitation to sign up in Apptivo, at Once the customer invited for business collaboration.

Create an account

Note: The customer may have a standard plan to accept the invitation but those who are sending invitation should be in the paid plan.

The invitations, which are waiting for the approval from customers will be in “Businesses Invited” as shown in the image below:
Businesses invited

You can view all the customer connections in “Customer Connections” left navigation panel as shown in the image below:

customer connections

You can view the customer connection by clicking the “Customer Name”.

Invoice collaboration

  1. Create an invoice for the customer (invited for business); email an invoice to the customer.
  2. Enable the check box “Invite to be a Business Connection”.
  3. Click on “Send” button.
  4. The invoice will be collected as a supplier invoice in customer login.

Project collaboration

  1. Create a project with the customer (invited for business).
  2. Go to “Teams” tab and add contacts.
    add contact

  3. You can view the pop up with the confirmation message of sharing this project with this customer.
    warning pop up

  4. The project created will be shared to the customer.

Invitation in customer email:

The customer will receive an email as shown in the image below:
email login

Once the customer Logged into Apptivo, the inviter will be collected as a supplier in “Suppliers App” and project shared will be collected as “Supplier Projects” in “Projects App”.

Business Collaboration in Customer Login

Once the customer has logged into Apptivo the invitation sent by inviter as shown in the image below:

  1. Log in and access Xinnect App from your universal navigation bar.
  2. Click on “Vendor Connections” from the left navigation panel to view the accepted invitation.
  3. vendor connections

  4. You can view the “News Feed” updated with new business connection.
  5. The inviter will be created as a supplier with his firm name.
  6. suppliers

  7. You can view the inviter in Suppliers App.

Invoice Collaboration

If an inviter creates and email an invoice to the connected customer, the customer will receive this invoice as supplier invoice.

  1. Go to Supplier Invoices App, you can view the invoice sent by inviter.

supplier invoices

Project Collaboration

The project created by inviter will be collected in Projects App as supplier projects.

Supplier projects

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