Why You Need Field Service Software?

The majority of modern businesses may prefer using Excel spreadsheets instead of using field service management software, and that may appear to be beneficial for them, but in the long-term, it would cost you more than you can think of and wouldn’t be half as efficient as a Field Service Management Software. Initially, for every business, Excel comes out as a great solution to their field service needs, but as we are growing and field service scenarios are becoming more and more complex, businesses aren’t being able to deliver great field service and user experience. With multiple customers to be served per day, field workers are becoming more and more inefficient, causing loss of revenue for businesses and resulting in poor customer service. In this blog, we discuss the need and importance of field service management features for your business and how the Apptivo Work Orders App helps you with the same.

Need for field management software

Field service software is specialized software that helps in automating different field processes including servicing, billing, routing, scheduling, etc. Using CRM field service management, these different processes can be controlled remotely to drive efficiency and empower customers. With the use of field service management, there has been a significant change that has been witnessed in the relationship between an organization and its customers. It allows workers at all levels of the company to communicate with their clients in new ways, and it’s changing the way executives think about customer service. As systems are automated and integrated, any employee with access can provide customers with the same information on demand. Managing a field service team is difficult, and managers have had to struggle a lot for their staff to be able to service customers.

Scheduling a dispatch and then effectively dispatching, controlling the flow of communication, and trying to track their team’s work efficiency, all took a considerable amount of time and effort in the past. In contrast to this, the reaction of service teams to requests was incredibly slow. Many of these procedures can now be automated thanks to field service management tools. By integrating enhanced scheduling and having access to real-time data from any computer, these tools will help managers and technicians be more productive. Managers can also keep a better eye on the status of jobs thanks to real-time monitoring and live video feeds. With such functionality, field service management software brings the following different benefits to businesses including:

  • Facilitates automated processing

    Field service management software helps you run your business more efficiently by allowing you to carry out field operations in a more orderly and scheduled manner. It is a versatile medium that can respond to changing circumstances during the day. On a busy day, such activity helps to reduce the expense of lost time and wasteful activities caused by anger and uncertainty.

  • Improves productivity of field teams

    The hassle of filling forms, data, and updating logs at the office is eliminated thanks to FSM software’s ability to automate all processes. Employees and technicians can spend more time on their actual work profile, allowing them to do their jobs better. Such efficient use of time allows the crew to complete more jobs in a day, resulting in increased efficiency and improved productivity.

  • Makes your business more cost-efficient

    Field service management software not only lets you save money but also helps you earn more. Digitizing all documentation and aligning all forms in a single network saves time and expands the number of jobs the crew can complete. This means you can choose more work, do more jobs, and increase your daily earnings.

  • Makes employees’ functioning more efficient

    As every employee remains connected to the field service management app all the time, they can easily source important information from the cloud at any time. This involves questions, engaging with tech support, and even gaining access to resources that might be needed to complete a task. The backend workers would provide real-time communication to the technicians to improve job productivity and, as a result, improve customer satisfaction. Without having to visit the office, technicians can update job status, order replacement parts, and check inventory on the go.

  • Improved job accuracy & responsiveness

    Since inventory monitoring in the service supply chain is highly accurate and reported at the root stage, job accuracy improves. It will determine which parts field employees would need for their weekly tasks and create a list of them. Sometimes, the jobs to be performed may need special skills and additional crew. Rather than sending a technician and finding certain problems, the field service management software will identify them beforehand. When technicians are unavailable, the software would intelligently redirect resources to high-priority work, allowing the organization to remain on its toes without the need for human intervention.

Why Apptivo is the best field service management software?

Apptivo Field Services App is a part of the Apptivo CRM suite that provides you with all the main tools and features required to automate your field service management processes and ensure great collaboration between field workers and office employees. The presence of data on a centralized cloud repository makes it easier for employees to access real-time data anywhere that prevents any delay in the service from happening.


Since field service management requires a delicate balance between numerous critical activities, modern businesses depend on field service management software to remain ahead of the competition. Field service management software and mobile apps are designed to make contact, scheduling, dispatching, and exchanging general information between field staff and the back office as simple as possible.

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