Why Retailers Need an eCommerce CRM?

Retail businesses are there serving customers for a long time now, but a new frontier to them is the inclusion of online retail service and the industry has seen an enormous advancement in the growth of online retail businesses. But with online retail, one thing that also has grown is the number of customers and patrons in a business. CRM brings disruption in the industry by bringing features to the retailers that help them provide great customer experiences and improve their sales.

It was seen that by the year 2020, eCommerce shared a total of 12.4% in the total Retail Market in the US, and by 2021 it is expected to rise to an approximate value of 13.7% due to the increase in online sales. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce in the US has been affected and as a result, a 32.4% growth in eCommerce sales was seen in the country. That contained almost 56% of consumers moving to new online retailers.

According to the third quarter of 2020, the retail eCommerce sales in the US amounted to $794.5 Billion that is going to increase to an expected amount of $843.15 Billion. All of these stats show the significance of Retail eCommerce in the country and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the trends of the industry. The unique point about the changes seen in retail eCommerce is that due to the restrictions set by the pandemic. Customers have been choosing digital methods of buying products and because of this, the eCommerce stats are only expected to rise in the upcoming years.

The Need for an eCommerce Website

The Need for an eCommerce Website

Nowadays, eCommerce websites are crucial for any retail business because of the several advantages they have to offer to retailers. The main advantages of eCommerce websites include:

  • Removal of geographic limitations to the business

  • Gaining customers through online outreach

  • Lowered costs on different aspects such as advertising, personnel, etc.

  • Elimination of travel time and costs

  • Featuring comparative shopping

  • Enabling targeted communication

  • 24/7 availability

  • Creation of markets for niche products

Not all, but any single advantage to an eCommerce website can make a huge difference to the retail businesses and yield benefits for them. Hence, retailers need an eCommerce website to grow their business.

Role of Apptivo in eCommerce Implementation

Role of Apptivo in eCommerce Implementation

CRM Software helps your business to know more about your customers and then do your marketing accordingly. They are specifically beneficial for eCommerce as they offer different metrics to analyze your business and then act accordingly to improve your sales and eventually your growth. With Apptivo eCommerce, you can build your eCommerce website quickly within a few steps using which you can assist your customers in buying online products and grow your retail business. You also get a complete CRM solution for your business that helps you in different ways to improve your business experience. So, here’s how Apptivo helps you in the implementation of your eCommerce website.

Allowing Customer Segmentation

For an eCommerce website, a proper marketing strategy is a must. And for this purpose, you need to have your customers profiled according to the relevant groups that they belong to. Such groups represent the target customers for a product. With Apptivo CRM, you get to form segments of customers related to a certain target product, and the CRM automatically updates their information with every visit and purchase they make. You can gather information about your customers that allows you to review your customers and effectively target the relevant groups.

Customized channels of communication

There are many ways of marketing available for any business, but an irregular approach towards customer communication makes it bad for your sales. It is because numerous emails and messages sent to the customers make them frustrated and deny any purchase from your website. Therefore, you need to have a customized targeting approach for your marketing process. Apptivo lets you manage individual customer profiles enabling you to control the communication with customers based on their interaction with your brand.

Maintaining Customer Records

Handling and storing customer information as well as using it at the exact time of concerns is another challenge for online businesses. But, maintaining records such as past concerns, complaints, purchases, and service calls of the customers is important as it is helpful for future references. Using Apptivo, you can get all the information of a customer at a single place that can be immediately referenced by your sales teams at the time of future calls so that you know the person and any possible issue he might be facing.

Understanding your customers better

A CRM essentially shows the behavior of customers on your site by analyzing their stats such as their choices, time they spent on your site, their purchases, complaints, etc. All of this information is stored in the CRM Software and you can use the same information to know more about your customers. Apptivo allows you to store customers’ information automatically so that you can easily use different channels to target them.

Providing services on preferred platforms

The use of mobile devices for carrying out different operations is drastically increasing day by day. Almost all experiences are shifted from a computer to a mobile device from shopping to banking to eCommerce. With CRM software, you can take advantage of mobile platforms to target audiences based on their preference of platform. Apptivo CRM provides you with the options to communicate with your customers over different channels that suit them according to the platform they’re on. Such as, if they’re using a mobile device, then you can communicate with them using text messages or calls.

Hence, with Apptivo you can implement your online store easily, and using the CRM software you can improve your customer experience ensuring growth expansion.


CRMs aren’t meant to be slowing your operations but they’re built to do the exact opposite. Todays’ CRM gives you access to detailed customer information using which you can reach out to them in a better way and provide a great experience to your customers. So, as the world moves online, move your business online with Apptivo and grow without any limitations.

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