Customer Relationship Management software (CRM), and Project Management Software are both very powerful pieces of software in their own right. While project management software can help managers and teams collaborate seamlessly on projects, allow for real-time communication as well as a host of other advantages, a CRM software will allow business owners to track and manage sales interactions as well as provide an avenue to better manage customers.


Since the two software under consideration are both very useful tools for different aspects of any business, then the question is; why you should integrate them?

All-around accessibility for improved efficiency

CRM and project management integration can be a game changer for your business as they will provide a plethora of powerful features you can leverage on to take your business to new heights.

As is conversant with most business settings, there is a need for constant exchange of information between project managers and different departments as well as marketers, customers, and support teams. This process can become error-prone and very inefficient when one has to jump from one software to the other to get the requisite information.
The fact that different information is kept in different places, with different people having access to these files will greatly hamper communication and collaboration between teams and may affect the business in diverse ways.
Thus, linking the two systems will not only allow you to rid yourself of multiple data pool but will also increase efficiency in all your tasks by offering all-around flexibility.

Improve the productivity of your business

Linking you CRM and project management software gives you the ease of managing complex tasks very effectively. It allows you to streamline the process of delivering tasks from start to finish.
Having everything in one place gives a more coordinated approach to taking on different tasks with a mindset of getting much done in little time. This approach captures all the necessary data and information right where you want them so that you can easily manage your clients’ projects while also having the ability to track leads, manage sales, create new projects as well as manage existing ones.

Advantages accruing to linking your Project Management Software and your CRM software

The advantages to be gotten from linking your project management software and your CRM could not be overemphasized. A lot of free CRM and project management software are now available on the internet and very much within reach that can allow you to get the much-needed improvement for your business.

Below, we have put together a list of the benefits you can derive by simply linking your CRM data to your project management software.

  • Opportunity to build an excellent and infallible relationship with your customers
  • Spot the plenty of opportunities available and move your customers forward
  • Spend less time gathering information on customer needs and focus more on high-end service delivery

What we provide at Apptivo:

We here at Apptivo have project management software and many other integrations provided to you at one single low cost. Along with that, we provide 24/7 customer support and various customizations to cater to your company’s needs. We look forward to hearing from you.


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