Customer connection plays a major role in the sales cycle. The sales cycle starts and ends with the customer. The goal of every business is to connect with the customers in an effective way. Customers want to have a good experience during the buying process and only those customers are likely to buy from you over and over again. Hence you need to build a good connection with the customers in order to make them trust you, which will enhance the relationship between them.

What is customer connection?

Customer connection develops a strong bond or relationship with the customers during the buying journey. Building a healthy relationship with the customers is the key to business success. If the customers feel more secure and connected with the brand, they are likely to make repeat purchases and thus increase the lifetime value of the customers.

Effective ways to connect with customers

Businesses today need a large amount of information related to the customer that will be helpful in tailoring personalized messages and delivering superior customer experiences. Businesses need to gather much customer-related information to improve their interactions and form an emotional connection with the customers. Listed below are some of the effective ways to connect with customers.

1.Each and every customer is Unique

Each and every customer has unique needs, and they purchase the company’s products and services for different reasons. You cannot tailor the same marketing message for multiple target audiences. Businesses must view each customer as an individual and should cater to their needs and requirements. Businesses can use customer segmentation software to concentrate their marketing efforts on those customer segments. Businesses need to segment the customers based on age, gender, social class, education, and income level. Sending personalized messages to the customer segments increases upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

2.Respond to and fix customer concerns

The company needs to respond to customer concerns as soon as possible to avoid dissatisfaction. Poor customer service can shut off a business in no time. Customers express their issues through chatbots, email, phone, and social media and it is mandatory for the customer service agents to respond and fix the issues. Businesses need to be aware of how the response times can impact the customer experience. If the company is lacking in good customer service, they may receive bad ratings and the manager needs to track and measure the customer service metrics to analyze the bottlenecks and rectify it.

3.Manage Customer expectations

The organizations need to understand what the customers have in their mind and need to create greater experiences for them. A good business needs to analyze the customer needs and requirements and hence need to use predictive analytics to understand the customer buying behavior. With the help of predictive analytics, one can predict the data patterns and forecast the future behavior.

4.Increase customer engagement

A CRM system with an integrated marketing platform helps to improve personalization to a greater extent. With automated CRM systems, you can send text messages and emails to the customers, thereby increasing the engagement. Businesses can also tailor targeted ads based on the customer segments. Marketers can make use of this automation to reduce repetitive work load. With automation in place, the businesses are able to set up marketing campaigns at regular intervals.

5.Utilize the empathy maps and buyer personas

Empathy maps help businesses to build a positive and a personal connection with the customers. The firm needs to find answers on how the customer feels or thinks about the product, what makes them buy, what they value the most and how they want to connect. The firm can further use this information to build and strengthen customer relationships. These empathy maps help in making customer related decisions.

Says: This quadrant portrays what the customers say about the company or the brand.

Thinks: This quadrant displays what the customer is thinking about the brand but doesn’t say out loud.

Does: This quadrant displays the actions done by the customer on the website.

Feels: This quadrant portrays the emotional connection the customer has towards the brand.

6.Indulge in face to face interactions

Today technology plays a huge role in customer service. Most of the companies connect with their customers on social media, emails, text messages and so on. The companies should understand that technology can sometimes cause miscommunication. Hence face to face interactions with the customers lessen the likelihood of miscommunication. Face to face interactions are a comfortable way to communicate to the customer about the brand. appreciation

Businesses need to show the customers with kind words such as thankyou, you are appreciated and such to make the customers happy. If the customer is happy about the brand, they will spread positive word of mouth about the company which will build the brand image and brand reputation. Businesses need to devise strategies to reward the loyal customers.

why is connecting with your customers important?

Connecting with the customers is not just about communication. Your connection is a strategic effort made by the firms in order to build strong relationships with the customer. Connected customers tend to repeat purchases and are likely to spread the word for you. Customer connection paves the way for customer retention and expedites the growth of the firm. Connection with the customer needs to be a two way street. The customer and the firm must send and receive information. A good relationship will lead the company to profitable sales, loyalty and referrals. Also you need to deliver the quality, support and value to the customer.


Connecting effectively with the customers will pave the way for better interactions, more sales and superior customer experiences. The firms need to fully understand the benefits of connecting with the customers. All you need is to show you care for the customers and try to enhance their life with your offerings. This will help you stand ahead of competition and help you get real brand advocates.

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