With Apptivo being the best software for small business, there are over 50+ business apps in Apptivo, which are grouped into different categories including CRM, project management, invoicing and more.. Many apps integrate with one-another, even across categories. The solutions include several apps from different categories.

Being a new user and having lots of Apptivo Apps available, you would most probably need a clear picture of the most popular apps of Apptivo. Also, only if you have an idea of which apps you will most likely need for your business, you can make use of them to progress your business effectively.

Although each type of business makes use from different applications, there are definitely certain apps which are used across most companies. The most commonly used apps by any firm would be:

CRM Apps

Customer Relationship Management Apps is the core of any business. This CRM software is a collection of leads, opportunities, contacts and customers. This crm lead management is the core of any business organization, as it effectively manages all your customer database.

Human Resources Management

Apptivo Human Resources is designed to maximize the employee performance in service of an employer’s strategic objectives within an organisation. The Human Resource is primarily concerned with the management of people within organisations, focusing on policies and on systems. With this employee communication app, you can very well communicate with your employees effectively by assigning tasks, sharing documents etc.


Estimates and Invoices are the base for any product oriented business. Create estimates, get approved, convert to it invoices and get it paid online through PayPal, Google Checkout, Stripe, Zipmark, or Authorize.Net


With Apptivo eCommerce WordPress Plugin, you can create and sell products online from your websites. This will allow you to transform your WordPress website into an eCommerce site integrated with your Apptivo account.

These are common apps which are used for specific industries:

Project Management

Many project oriented business use Apptivo’s Projects App, which allows you to consistently organize your project scope, team, milestones, and activities. Also enables you to have a graphical representation of all your tasks, activities and milestones in the form Gantt Charts.


With Apptivo’s Online Time Tracking Software, you can effectively keep track of your project’s progress and also your employees working hours. This Timesheet App is closely integrated with the Apptivo projects.


Leads App capture new business leads easily since it is the first step for the sales force.


Opportunities App manages all your prospective deals, which can be converted to customers in the future. You can easily keep track of your opportunities interest, and target them with regular follow ups, emails and tasks and progress them in your sales pipeline.


Orders App keeps the order status and provide fly discounts. With Apptivo’s Orders App, you can also capture order from your websites, online.


Cases App manages all problems or issues that your customer incurs. You are able to document the details of their problem.

If you would like to learn about which business apps are best for your industry.

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