The Question:

When I first log in to Apptivo, I see an area called the “Newsfeed”. What is the purpose of this section, and how do I use it?

The Answer:

Hi there! This activity feed section is available to provide you with insight into what activities are occurring across your entire business. Whenever a user makes an update such as creating a new project or changing the status of a sales lead, an update will be displayed in this list that is visible to the entire company.Well, not quite the entire company.  A user will only be able to see updates if the update occurred to something they have access to.  For example, if a salesperson does not have access to the projects app, they wouldn’t be able to see any updates to projects in this feed.

You can get a current updates of all your employees activity. The News Feed will be related to the activities of all the accessible apps.

In addition to viewing updates made in Apptivo, every user can also post their own updates to the feed.  This is great to inform your colleagues when you are working on a specific task, or just to keep your employees social and working well as a team. News feed highlights information that includes creation of a new task, new invoice, time-sheet, order, requirement, contacts etc,. Each and every modification will be fed in the home page.

You can filter these activities using the “Filter Feed by:” field. This consists of two drop downs – All Apps and People. These drop downs lists all the accessible App names and employees associated with the Apps of your business.
You can choose the App name from the “All Apps” and the employee from the “People”, you will be resulted with the News feed for the particular filter.

You have the ability to comment and hit like on your employee’s activities which lead to the best conversation. You can post your comments using the editor “what are you working on?”.


You can also have this News feed page to be displayed first, when you are logged in. Using Preference in Apptivo, you can set the newsfeed as your default homepage, so that you can have the latest news and recent updates made by your employees.

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