Apptivo comes up with various applications that would best suit appliance repair and sales businesses which will help you to run your business better. Make your work easier and keep track of your dispatch, product management, service agreements, and invoice with Apptivo.

As you fix and sell appliances, I would recommend the following applications for your type of company.

CRM Solution:

  • Customers- Keep a record on the detailed information on those who apted and subscribed your services. For Instance: Billy bought kitchen appliances from you then you can keep track of billy record in customers app.
  • Contacts- Detailed information of Employees or suppliers associated with the customers. For Instance: Kent John is one of the employees of Billy and wants to communicate with further dealings which can be saved in Contacts app.
  • Work Orders- Helps to track and manage service that you are going to provide your customers. For Instance: Billy had a repair in the appliance that he purchased and then you can assign one of the resources to fix it and send them a service cost.
  • word-order-software-for-appliance
  • Cases- If any issues arouse out from the services or appliances that has been offered, then you can log a case against those issues. For Instance: Billy raised an issue in the kitchen appliance and also other customers raised some issues which can be logged in cases app.

Financial Solution:

  • Estimates- Send a quote to your customers for the services you offer. For Instance: Billy asked a quote for various services like land mowing, edging and setting up kitchen appliances for which you can send quotes to your customer.
  • Invoices- Record and send invoice to the clients. For Instance: Once the estimate is approved by Billy then you can send him the invoice while delivering the services.
  • workorder-invoice

Product Management Solution:

  • Items- Log and track the information about the products and services your offer. For Instance: Appliance name, service name and price of those as per quantity can be recorded here.

These apps make your business grow in an effective and efficient manner that helps you record all your services like land mowing, kitchen appliances, edging, landscaping and several other products and services that you offer. This will enhance your sales process in a proper communicative way that will boost up your sales.

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