Apptivo offers the application that best serves the insurance agency in order to make them engage and contain the client’s information as per your needs. This lets your app, your customers managed in one place and helps building stronger connections with every touchpoint as follow-ups, tasks, and call logs. We would recommend the following apps that make your business process easier.

CRM Solution

  • Leads- Keep a record of those who steps into the business and asking for the policies that you are offering. For Instance: Brian gets all the information as to what are the policies available, how much of premium and tenure you offer, then he will be recorded as a lead.
  • Opportunities- Track all the details of prospects who may bring business to you. For Instance: Brian wants to take a policy and shows interest on it then the record will be converted as opportunity.


  • Customers- Maintain a database of customers who subscribed your service. For Instance: Brian subscribed a policy and then he will be created as a customer.
  • Contacts- Track those details who works with the customers. For Instance: Mike is an employee of Brian and he will be in touch with further proceedings. Now, Mike will be saved as Contact.
  • Cases- Log the issues or feedbacks that has been raised out of the subscription. For Instance: Brian find some difficulties in the online renewal. So, he logs the case for requesting the assistance.

Financial Solution

  • Invoices- Send customers the invoice for the premium paid against the policies. For Instance: Brian receives the invoice for the payment made against the premium.
  • invoice-insurance

Human Resources Solution

  • Employees- Manage the database of the employees working with agency. For Instance: Track the detailed information of your employees and assign them a task.

These apps let your business grow in a versatile and effective way which helps you to engage and track all the premium that has been collected against the policies in order to ensure the right time of payment. There comes many more business solutions. Stay connected.

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