Apptivo unquestioningly concentrates on the development of their clients, focusing evidently on their progress by offering a cloud CRM with an efficient customer contact management and various other powerful applications to support constantly. Let’s now elaborately discuss how the Apptivo apps can be used in a painting company.

Business Software for a Painting Company

The Question:

I run a Painting Company and I’m looking to find software that will help me run my business better.  What applications does Apptivo offer that would work well for my company?  With over 40+ different applications, it’s difficult to understand which apps will benefit me.

The Answer:

Apptivo can certainly offer the application you need, but a few of the apps won’t apply to your type of business. You run a Painting company, so I would recommend the following applications for your type of company.

1. Customer Relationship Management

  1. Contacts:- This app lets you to keep track of an individual or company associated with the customer.
  2. Customers:- Customers app helps you to record those who want to have a painting for their properties. This customer management system enables you to maintain a brief database of all your customers. Also, all the contact details can be well tracked using the contact management system.
  3. Leads:- Tracks those who step in and enquire about the services you offer
  4. Opportunities:- Helps to record and streamline the sales potentials that brings you business.
  5. Cases:- You can have a record of any issues or problems that has arised out of the services you offered.
  6. Service Work Orders:- The work orders can be provided to the customers against the service you offered after the painting work is over.

2. Human Resources

The human resource management app helps you in hiring the employees and maintaining all informations related to the HR department at ease.

  1. Employees:- Helps you to record and track the employees working in your organization
  2. Candidates:- Lets you track the profile of those who want to join in your company.
  3. Teams:- Teams app helps you to organize your employees and then allocate specific roles and responsibilities to them

3. Financials:-

Apptivo offers a very flexible and mobile financial management software, giving you the look and feel of an overwhelming integration with various payment gateways.

  1. Invoices:- Invoice App provides your customer an invoice against the painting service you offered.
  2. Ledger App:- Ledger App can make you record the financial transaction and keep balancing the Cash management.

Also, depending on your business size and organization, you also might be interested in these app categories:

Supply Chain


Product Management

Other Similar Business Types:



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