Apptivo certainly focuses on customer growth through their software. So all the feature enhancements and releases are made only with the customer’s feedback. Hence they are so-called user-friendly and close to hand. Here, let’s discuss how our apps are used in the golf club.

Golf Club Business Flow:

Golf is an international game which is played by all kinds of people, it needs a shaft with a grip and a club head. These kinds of clubs are in need of apps like customer relationship management, financials, marketing, and human resources.

If the person steps into the club and wants to know about the club and other details, then their details can be entered into the Leads app as leads.


After entering the details, the person confirms that they wants to be the member of that club then their details can be converted into customers in the customer’s app with the name, address and contact details.


Once the customer is joined into the club he can provide his feedback about the club through email and the same will be collected in the Cases app.


The customer is reported to be joined into the club then they will receive the estimate of how much they should pay every month to the club. Which can send to them through the Estimates app.


After the estimates are approved by the customers, then the invoice will be sent to them through email to get paid and that can be created through Invoices app.


The financial transactions of the club can be added in the ledger app and which can be used in the year end analysis.

To market your club in the people in and around your environment you can use the Campaigns app. So that you will get the publicity among the people and there is a possibility of making more leads into your club.

We have also other apps which may help you according to your business size and categories,

Human Resources app: Generally this app is used to maintain the employee database of the company like employee details, holidays, salary, termination etc…

Other Similar Business Types:

The above apps can also be adapted for the other types of business like,

  • Tennis Club
  • Sports Club
  • Fitness Club

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