Apptivo provides software to the businesses who are trying to develop their company and wants to improve them in all aspects. It acts as a backbone and saves all the database of that company. Let’s discuss on how the apptivo apps helps to develop the florist industry,

Apptivo Apps in Florist Industry

Florist are the one who arranges the flowers for any occasion or sells the cut flowers or bouquet. They usually wants to do marketing to make the particular area people understand that they are selling and providing these kinds of facilities in their shop. Also they have list of suppliers and customers who are tied up with them. Here are the apptivo apps which can be useful for your type of business are leads,customers, cases, campaigns, target list and suppliers. These apps helps to save all your informations to make their business better,

Leads: In leads app you can create the list of the leads who are enquired about your florist shop and wants to have a business with you for any occasion.

Customers: In customers app you can directly convert the leads to customers or you can create manually and save the contact details of the customer. This will act as a customer database and you can search them anytime for any of your future businesses

Cases: In cases app you can add the feedback of the customer and can use this for future developments. You can manually add the feedback or can convert the emails to cases

Campaigns: This campaigns helps to create a campaign of your florist company and launch it to your particular environment so that everyone around your area will know about this shop and enquire for any their needs, this will help to grow their business.

Targets: The targets app is used to list the contact informations to launch the campaign. You can directly take the contacts from the apptivo app or you can export it from Mailchimp, sendgrid or constant contact.

Suppliers: The suppliers are the ones who supplies the goods to the specific company or industry. Here the florist can save the flower supplier details and their contact information.

Also, depending on your business size and organization, you also might be interested in these app categories:

Human Resources: This app helps to save the details of your employees and can provide roles and privileges to them. Also can track the holidays and their contact information.

Financials: This app helps to save the financial transactions of the florist company and helps to send and receive invoices and estimates.

Other Similar Business Types:

The above mentioned apps can also be adapted for the other types of business like,
Flower Shop
Garden Store

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