The Apptivo apps are most commonly used in all type of business. All the apps are internally integrated with one another and hence it reduces the manual interpretation. Now, we can discuss on how our apps are used in the designer’s viewpoint,

Designer’s Way towards Applications:

The Designer’s are the one who designs the webpage of the customer with their requirements. The purpose of the designer is to work with page and site elements through a graphical user interface that displays the desired results. In this case there will be some business who would enquire the designer about their designs and the cost of the webpage are considered as leads, and that can be loaded into Apptivo as Leads.

Once they are fine with the requirements and the cost then the leads can be converted to contacts or customers to save contact details with their contact information’s, this can be loaded in contact or customers app. Lately they will list the business name, whom they think that they might give some opportunity for the designing. We can quote these business details in our Opportunities app.


After the confirmation from the customer about the business, the designer will send the estimate to the customer for the cost that they have accepted for that particular webpage, which can be created in the Estimate app. Once the after the estimate is approved by the customer, we can convert this estimate to the project, which can be done in the projects app and also the milestone and budgets are created for the particular projects. With the projects app you can calculate the start time and end time of the projects. After the project is completed within the estimated time then it can be converted to Invoice. The invoice can be tracked in the invoice app and the email can be sent directly to the customer with the attached PDF invoice.

Applications On Track:

Depending on your business size and organization, you might be interested in the other apps categories which may be useful for your business,

Human Resources App: This apps let us to save all the employee details of the company and the employee manager can give the roles and privileges to the employees.

Marketing App: This app helps to promote your designing company among your industry by launching the campaigns using the targets list.

Adapted to Any Type of Business:

The above mentioned apps can also be adapted for the other types of business like,


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