Inventory Management

Inventory management is an essential process for the successful management of the supply chain. Unless the process is organized, it is difficult for the supply chain teams and employees to achieve the desired results within the stipulated time. It is essential to learn to manage the inventories to run a successful business. It is well known that stocks should be given more importance while running any business regardless of its size. Apptivo has exemplary Inventory Management software that makes the work of your supply chain team simple. Before going through the best practices for inventory management, let us go through some of the common terms associated with inventory management for efficient management of cloud inventory platforms.

What Is Supply Chain?

The supply chain is a network that involves companies and buyers, from raw materials to finished products. Supply chains should be handled with care and without any mistakes so that you can run your business without any loss or complaints from your customers. The supply chain involves many processes but one of the most important among them is inventory management. Apptivo is powered by an integrated supply chain system that connects the buyers with the sellers in a smooth ecosystem.

What Is Warehouse Management?

Warehouse Management is the process of tracking the working process and trading tasks of a business. Warehouse Management is used for all online and offline retailers and retailing operations located in warehouses. The company is responsible for inventory management, maintenance of inventory, inventory management services, and maintaining inventory records.

With Warehouse Management, the company uses a system of inventory systems, inventory databases, and inventory reporting to provide a complete, predictable, and cost-effective supply chain management solution. It includes the analysis of the supply chain in terms of the various levels of inventory, including physical inventory, inventory-related items, and merchandise-related supply.

Online inventory management involves tracking, analyzing, and managing all items in the supply chain using an integrated solution. It does not necessarily involve the use of third-party systems or third-party software. It does not change any laws or regulate any practices or activities of any third parties. It might be difficult for you to visit every warehouse where your inventories have been traded. So to solve this problem, there are many companies that have launched cloud-based warehouse management systems which will help you to get information on the traded inventories online.

What Is Inventory?

Inventories are the stock of a company that the business is going to deal with or going to sell in order to get the profit out of it. Inventories are the focal part of any business, from raw materials to merchandise where companies will sell them. Businesses should take care of their inventories to avoid the shortage of their goods and protect their business from utmost loss. To expand your business to another level, it is recommended to maintain it by building different strategies using different market resources. It might be challenging to handle everything manually owing to the transition in technology across the world. Businesses are responsible for their customers as they are selling their products to them and that’s how the business chain works.

What Is Inventory Management?

Inventory Management is the name given to the process of controlling inventory, including stocking, handling, and managing the distribution of merchandise. Inventory management also includes the management of shipping services. It helps ensure that stock is correctly placed, packed, tracked, and efficiently delivered to customers. The inventory management aspect is essential and is a significant revenue generator that helps you maintain the process of your inventories from raw material to their shipping. The companies must follow specific strategies and techniques to succeed in making their product popular among the users.

Entrepreneurs should be aware of the inventory system while starting the business; how you are going to manage your inventories will define the profit of your business. Without better inventory management, companies might end up being at a loss. The advantage of inventory management is to control inventory. For example, you can manage inventory levels. This can make your company more competitive.

It also allows your business to focus on matters related to your clients. You can also enhance your customer service and serve your business better. Control inventory is significant because it makes your business stronger in critical ways:

  • It makes your list more accurate.
  • It makes your inventory more accurate by measuring it against an actual price that reflects the current value.

Importance of Inventory Management

Inventory Management is considered one of the most valued assets of any business. It is the process that helps maintain the flow of your inventories, which allows the business not to lose track. Nowadays, online business has been fast where many people prefer online orders rather than manual ones. So, it is a wise choice to maintain Inventory Management software that makes your work a little easier. People have started to store their records in the form of data than being manual ones. Because in this busy world, it is essential to run your business according to the technology.

Benefits of Inventory management software

Inventory Management software helps the business track their inventories about their shipping details, and it also helps the companies avoid the outage of stock and oversupply of stock. The function of the best Inventory Management software is to help the development team keep an accurate inventory of the software products, use the inventory management system to manage the software, make sure that the software is functioning as it should, establish and maintain a stable supply of software products, prevent and manage problems in the software, and report the results of the operations to the company, which will have information on the progress of the development. Most importantly, it saves you time.

You can utilize the time through this software where you can make your business more productive. Time in the sense, it’s the truth that you are going to kill a lot of time if you prefer to manage your records manually and you have to change your lifestyle according to the technology which will help you to run a trendy business.

Apptivo’s Inventory Management System

Inventory Management1

The Inventory Management app of Apptivo allows you to keep track of your inventories. Apptivo will enable you to create a warehouse inventory to track all about your stock within seconds. Apptivo is a cloud-based software application that helps businesses with their growth and helps to maintain their data securely. We provide a cloud-based inventory management application that allows the users to keep track of their inventories by giving notices of any product-related issues and will help get the information on the number of stocks they need without getting lost.

By using this application, you can create the warehouse inventory within seconds and keep track of the import process with different warehouses. This feature will also help you move your products from one warehouse to another, preventing you from losing data related to any product. It might be possible to encounter a theft while moving the goods from one place to another, but with the help of this inventory, you can keep count of your products and save your company and products from theft. Often, there is separate software for managing your warehouse inventories and Inventory management, but Apptivo allows all of these features in one tool that is accessible for you and your team from anywhere at any time.


You can manage your Apptivo account not only on the web but also on the Android, Windows, and iOS version that allows you to carry your business in your pocket. So, what’s stopping you? Create your own Apptivo account and maintain your business with ease. With our application, whether a start-up or an experienced company, will certainly reach great success. No matter the size of your business, it’s time for you to take a step for a bright future along with Apptivo. If you don’t have one, having an account in Apptivo means opening the gates for your successful business. Sign up today and experience exemplary development in your business.

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