The Question:

I keep reading about how activities are the center of the Apptivo software, but I don’t quite understand their significance. What are the various CRM activities and the activity types, and how should I use them?

The Answer:

To understand what an activity is, let’s first take a look at its definition:Ac-tiv-i-ty [ak-tiv-i-tee]
any specific deed, action, pursuit, etc: recreational activitiesIn essence, an activity is something you “do”.  When you combine together all activities occurring in your business, you then have an accurate picture of what your business “does” every day.

This is the purpose of the Apptivo platform: to offer a dashboard of your business, keeping managers informed of what their employees and their selves should be accomplishing.  Apptivo helps organize and facilitate every activity that occurs while running your business.

Now that we understand what activities are, it’s important to understand how Apptivo classifies them.  As covered above, activities are split into different “activity types”.  Each of these activity types is used to segment activities to help better organize them.

There are six different activity types:


A task is a specific itemized chunk or work, or a single initiative within a project. Create tasks from any app and instantly assign it to the respective employees. View and followup on every CRM tasks right from the homepage.

To Do List

A to-do is an undefined or ambiguous initiative which needs to be addressed.


An appointment is a specific event or meeting which is required for the project. Create events right from your homepage and scheduling it for different object records. You can instantly add event to calendar, and even sync events from Office 365, Google Calendar etc.

Call Log

A call log is an activity specifically designed for scheduling and recording phone calls related to a specific project.


Apptivo has an integrated email feature which can be used like all other activities.  Instead of sending emails from your regular client (Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc); Apptivo allows you to send emails using their systems.


e-faxing is a paid service which allows you to fax documents and other information directly from Apptivo.

Activities are found in nearly every application in Apptivo, and determine what actual work must be done to support your various business initiatives.  All activities will be searchable and listed one every user’s homepage, giving each employee a personal calendar of what work they need to do for the business. You can add reminders to all your activities, so that they don’t get missed out!!

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