There are various solutions you can use throughout Apptivo:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Contacts – Customers – Leads – Opportunities – Cases

A central place to manage all contacts, customers, leads and opportunities. To understand the difference, a customer is usually a business. A contact is the individual of that business. You can associate as many contacts as you’d like to the one customer.

A lead is an incoming prospect that’s interested in your product or service. Once you’ve evaluated them, you decide if they willcan’t be completed till be an opportunity or not. Leads can then be converted into contacts, customers, and/or opportunities instead of having to re-input on the same information over again.

Project Management

Projects – Timesheets – Customers

Manage an unlimited number of projects right from Apptivo. Each project comes with a gantt chart view to see a complete overview of the project. Tasks can be made dependent on one another, so a task can’t be completed till the dependent task is completed. If a task period is extended, then all dependent tasks will be adjusted accordingly. There’s no need to individually adjust each task.

Log the number of hours worked on each project task. Billable hours can then be converted over into a timesheet which can then be invoiced.

Project dependencies.

Help Desk

Contacts – Customers – Cases – Items

This is all about the Help Desk inside Apptivo.

Field Services

Work Orders – Customers – Contacts – Cases

This is all about the Field Services inside Apptivo.


Invoices – Estimates – Customers – Contacts – Receivables – Payables

This is all about the Billing inside Apptivo.

Supply Chain

Supplier – Items – Inventory – Supplier Invoice

This is all about the Supply Chain inside Apptivo.

Human Resources

Employees – Candidates – Recruitment – Departments – Teams

This is all about the Human Resources inside Apptivo.