Project management’s primary challenge is to achieve all of project goals and objectives. The primary constraints of Projects App are scope, budget, quality, invoicing and time tracking. You can plan, collaborate with teams, cost effective, fix the rate for Project, can disclose your documents, and exchange views among the team.

Work log

Work log helps you to keep track of your time worked on projects. If an employee is involved in more than one project, they will want to track every little segment of time spent on tasks. For that you can set work timer and leave the clock running while you complete task, indicate with one or two keystrokes the onset or change of any given task. Work log has been an important function which supports you by giving an accurate duration of tasks that you performed.


Projects App doesn’t just support your business with Projects; it comes with many other apps to run your business. All apps are deeply integrated which communicate with one another. Any project task can be recorded and invoiced to a customer.