Hello there Apptivo users! Over the weekend we made a new update to the platform, including a bunch of great new features. This includes a brand new app called the Kit Work Orders App, and many other changes, such as a fresh set of icons for each of our business app. Keep a look out for the complete update this week.

Outages experienced by some users

Unfortunately one of our third party content delivery networks is currently experiencing outages. This has caused many of our users to experience various problems, such as a blank page, random error messages, or pages loading in what seems like plain text. The issues began on Sunday evening PST, affecting users worldwide. We have temporarily removed this provider from our systems while we seek a new CDN.

How to fix your outage related problems

As mentioned, we made a fix for this problem right away yesterday evening. But, some users who experienced the problem will need to clear their browser cache to fix the issues. This is a quick process, and you will only need to do it once to resolve your issues. Please click the link below for instructions on how to clear the cache in your browser. Your browser likely lists multiple options to clear (history, cookies, saved web passwords, etc), clear the cache only, nothing else is required.

If clearing your browser cache does not resolve your problem, please contact support@apptivo.com

Mobile app release update

Another important piece of news we want to announce is related to our mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. We are during the final testing phases, and we’re expecting to publish to all app markets at the end of this week. We are taking our time to make sure it gets done right, but don’t worry, it’ll be here very soon!

If you’d like to be notified once the app becomes available. Subscribe to our blog in the right column, or follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates instantly. Have a great & productive day!

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