Happy Friday everyone, hope you had a great week! We wanted to take some time and keep the community in the loop with our progress on the Version 5.0 rollout, so you know what to expect in the coming months. We’ve been getting lots of great feedback, and we’re continually making enhancements to better improve your experience. Over this weekend, expect a large update including many small improvements throughout the existing V5 applications (we’ll cover a few major items below).

In addition to these minor improvements, we’re happy to announce that Projects V5 will be entering beta! You won’t see any changes this weekend, but we’ll be making the changes available to select customers.

Projects V5 Beta Details

We’ll most likely be releasing details to our beta testers on Monday. As with the previous beta test, we’ll provide a special business for you to access with the new V5 version of the application, and you are free to test as you please! We’ll be eagerly awaiting for your feedback, and we’ll incorperate as much as possible for the final public release. Once the beta is complete, we’ll make the change to all existing Apptivo businesses.
Project Gantt Chart

If you are not a beta tester, but would like to be. Send us an email to support@apptivo.com, and tell us why you would like to test!

Version 5.0 General Improvements

In addition to working on projects, we’ve been trying to “polish up” all of our new V5 applications. The response from our customer base has been amazing, and we’re trying to include as many requests as possible. These will all become standard features/details that are available in all upcoming V5 applications. We will update our blog with the complete details Monday, but here are a few of the big items:

  • Column width adjustment in views – Now click & drag to expand or reduce the width of any search result.
    expandable column width
  • Use custom views as default – Now the default homepage of any app can be set to your custom view instead of news feed.
  • Default column sets – Each app lets you define “Column Sets”. These will make all search results use your pre-defined columns.
    Default column sets

Updated Product Roadmap & V5 Release Schedule

Updated on Nov 14th

When we released the first V5 application we provided an expected roadmap in this post. Now that we’ve released a few applications, we’d like to provide an updated schedule. We’ll likely make some adjustments to the end of the plans, but the next few releases are locked in.

1. Customers Available Now

2. Cases Available Now

3. Contacts Available Now

4. Leads / Opportunities Available Now

5.  Projects V5 Beta Active

6.  Projects Q1

7. Homepage Dashboards Q1

8.  Invoices / Sales Receipts Q2

9.  Estimates / Purchase Orders / Supplier Invoices Q2

10.  Items / Orders / Suppliers Q2

11. Work Orders

12.  Timesheets / Holidays

13.  Shipping / Receiving / Inventory Management

14.  Employees / Departments / Teams

15.  Recruitment / Candidates

16+  Answers  / Ideas / Requirements / Documents / Xinnect / Ledger / Receivables / Payables / Credit Notes / Kitting Work Orders / Pricing / Promotions / Campaigns / Targets / Loyalty Management / Testimonials / License Tracker / Insurance Tracker / TrustredBusiness.com / Patents / Fund Raising

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