We’re very pleased to announce the release of our redesigned Mobile CRM App for Android. This update retains all of the existing features from the old app but includes lots of new goodies. The #1 coolest feature about our new app is definitely the automatic call logging. But, there are also lots of other little changes we’re sure you’ll enjoy as well. For those of you on iOS, you can expect these same updates coming in the near future.

Mobile Android CRM Update

Did you say automatic call logging?

Why yes… yes we did. For starters, you can be looking at any contact, customer, or lead in the app and find a phone number. Simply click on that, and your phone will dial the number; then when you hang up, Apptivo will pop up with the recorded duration & type so all you have to do is enter a short note and save!

But… that’s not even the best part. Anytime you receive a phone call on your Android, Apptivo will check the CRM to see if there are any matching contacts. If one is found, the system automatically prompts you to log the call every time after you hang up. In this era of bringing your own device to work, it’s never been easier to keep track of communication with your customers.

Android CRM App

Other Android CRM updates

You’ll find that the tool still operates the same, but the entire design has been refreshed to not only look more pleasing, but also offer fewer taps to reach the data you need. We’ve also performed a few other specific updates:

  • Field customizations from web app are now properly reflected in mobile
  • More document file types supported, including Google Drive & Dropbox
  • Added quick searches from the homepage of each app
  • Improved performance & app stability

Upcoming plans for mobile

We’re working hard on more mobile access for Apptivo users. Currently we’re focused on delivering the updated CRM mobile app for iPhone & iPad users. Also, our Android team is working on some further enhancements for the CRM app, and the next apps in line are Work Orders & Project Management.

Have you tried the app?

We’d love to know about your experience. If you have any feedback please let us know at support@apptivo.com, we’re all ears!

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