Unfolding CRM Integrations Flow

When talking about CRM solutions, it comes out as a strategic tool that is crucial for any business. It helps in understanding their customers and empowering their relationship with them. But, if an organization wants to make the most out of their CRM Software, it is needed that their CRM can integrate with their complete technology stack. So, here comes the need for CRM integrations. In simple words, it can be defined as a flawless network that connects your CRM app with other third-party applications used by the organization. It is due to these integrations that CRMs can facilitate automated functionality and hence, eliminating the need for manual control and action.

How CRM integrations help your business?

A great CRM system supports all-around integration with different third-party platforms and makes it possible for businesses to ensure that the right data is present in the CRM to work with. CRM integrations play an important role in supporting the automation of different business tasks, proper alignment of workflows and key processes across its apps. All these benefits of CRM integrations help in improving employee productivity and customer experience. The real reason behind the need for CRM integrations was the challenges that the businesses had to face such as wastage of resources on repetitive tasks, difficulty in data sync across the platform, reduced data quality, etc. All of these errors were mainly due to manual errors, and with CRM integrations, automation is one of the main benefits to reap.

All the platforms that support integrations have pre-defined support for the most common applications that are used by businesses and complements the CRM system. These integrations may have inbuilt functions and can feature pre-defined automated processes that just require a small amount of processing for making it work. Through these integrations, businesses can gain a lot of benefits such as:

  • CRM integrations can help in managing and controlling customer interactions through a variety of communication channels. It can access data from customers over different mediums such as emails, chat, calls, etc.
  • It can help in lead management as any lead that had prior communication with your business can be easily addressed from the third-party app. It would improve the efficiency and productivity of your sales teams.
  • It also helps in sales when collecting data for sales forecasting, it might be available in different locations, and collecting that would be a stressful task. But, with integrations, that data can be made available to your CRM platform in real-time.
  • When it comes to sales & marketing analytics, there is the need for different kinds of data, and that too from different sources. With third-party integrations, the CRM would have better ways to collect, process, and analyze that information.
  • One of the biggest advantages of CRM integrations is sales and marketing automation and it can automate a lot of business tasks. This capability can be extended in different business processes, allowing your employees to focus more on complex tasks and hence, increasing your employee productivity.
  • Workflow and approval automation is another benefit of using CRM integrations and it lets you gain instant productivity from tasks and make them more efficient. Most importantly, you can sync workflow progress across the organization, making it easier for different employees to track and manage them.

Integrations in Apptivo

CRM integrations extend the functionality of a CRM and provide the employees with a 360-degree view of their customers. Also, integrations don’t allow the users to log in from different accounts that result in improved employee productivity as well as enhanced customer experience. When working with Apptivo, you get to work with a variety of third-party applications such as G Suite, Payment Gateways, Dropbox, WordPress, etc. With such integrations in place, Apptivo CRM lets you manage your business more efficiently, as these are the applications that are most widely used and are a daily requirement for most businesses.

The integrations in the Apptivo CRM improve your business functionality by providing options such as sharing contacts across apps. You can share contact with your whole organization or with some employees while ensuring two-way sync at every level. Another main benefit of integrations is you can sync calendars across the platform that allows you to synchronize events stored in third-party applications to the Apptivo calendar. Next up, you can easily share documents right from your mobile device to the platform making them available to the whole company.

And lastly, you can also easily sync tasks across different apps so that automated workflows can retrieve and send data to and from third-party applications easily and efficiently. Coming to the payment integrations, it allows for easier payments and invoicing process that you don’t have to create manual invoices each time a payment is made. Recurring payments are synced with third-party applications and invoices are created automatically.


With the increasing technology portfolio of businesses, it is becoming even harder for them to consolidate the data from so many varied sources and use that data efficiently. But with a solid CRM platform having great integration capabilities, they can make the most out of their data and investments. While using Apptivo Customer Relationship Management Software, companies can be assured that their processes don’t have any inefficiencies and have a seamless interaction between different applications.

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