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When you are running a business, customer service and project management are the two areas where you need to put more emphasis. Simply put, customer service helps to retain the existing customers, and project management assists in increasing the lifetime value of your business.With that said, industries across the globe are facing neck-to-neck competition due to the entry of new players who have done their research on the current market trends and existing brands that have created their own niche.

Understand that to sustain in a competitive environment, you have to strategize your business strategy. By concentrating on your help desk and project management system, you can effortlessly improve your productivity. And, the development in technology is a boost to automate your business workflow. By leveraging helpdesk project management software like Apptivo, you can easily stay on top of your business.

In this post, we’re not going to discuss the basics of what is software ticket or which software is best for project management. Rather, we’ll break down why your business requires ticketing and project management software while giving a brief summary on the important features of Apptivo.

Why your business needs Ticketing Software?

The main objective of ticketing system is to automate your customer service. Imagine your business specializes in offering medical equipment to hospitals and pharmacies in prime areas of your country. Since it is related to healthcare, you have to be very cautious in prioritizing the requests and ensure timely delivery of solutions.

Especially, when you have hired a new employee, he might get doubts about the course of action for a particular type of ticket or the ticket escalation process. In either case, if you have a detailed process incorporated in a helpdesk ticketing software like Apptivo, you can reduce the time in training and move the employee faster into the official workforce of your organization. This is also applicable when there is a change in the workflow of your business operations.

In short, helpdesk is a necessity for excellent customer support. Here, we have listed down some of the main features in helpdesk ticketing software that will boost your customer satisfaction score.

Tickets Management – The Cases app of Apptivo is a unified platform that empowers your support teams to categorize tickets, document the replies, automate the workflow, and streamline the case allocation process with minimum clicks. When you are using this online software, you can utilize the resources on more crucial issues.

Service Level Agreements – By implementing SLAs into your customer service, you can easily define your customer service. Being a measurable feature, SLA helps to prioritize the incoming tickets and the action to be taken due to unresponsiveness after a certain period of time. It also determines when the tickets are to be escalated.

Email To Case – When you integrate your helpdesk ticketing software with your email providers like Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo, you can capture the incoming emails and save them as tickets in your CRM system. This assists in maintaining all your customer service engagement in a single cloud platform, thereby, avoiding data duplication and increasing transparency.

Customer Portal – Does your company encourage self-service? Apptivo Customer Portal is a powerful tool that enables customers to log tickets, track the activities, and get instant solutions to their queries. This interactive feature lets customers interact directly with the assigned support agent without multiple call transfers and escalations.

Performance Analysis – Be it reports or dashboards – Everything your support team requires to monitor the performance based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is available in the Apptivo Cases app. With this, you can filter the performance of an employee or a team for a specific duration and improve the productivity of your agents.

Benefits of Project Management

Often, we pay more attention to meeting the deadlines rather than focusing on the process. The key to successful projects lies in the streamlining of the process. This can be achieved by using an efficient catalyst like Apptivo’s project management system. An efficient project management app can make a huge difference in your business operations and have a substantial impact on your overall productivity.

For instance, you follow the Waterfall model to manage your projects. As this is a cascading model, it is in phases and each phase has to be completed to move to the subsequent phases. Since it is sequential, the greatest disadvantage of the Waterfall model is that it is challenging to structuralize the user requirements in the middle. To capture and understand the needs better, you can leverage a flexible project management tool like Apptivo.

To get to know our application better, we have listed the fundamental features available in our project management solution.

Workflow Management – When you are using the Projects app of Apptivo, your project workflow becomes organized. You can effortlessly convert your projects into timesheets to calculate the working hours of your employees or into invoices to collect payments from your customers online.

Timesheets – The exclusive Timesheets app helps teams to calculate the working hours of employees on each task in projects and monitor their overall performance in all allocated activities. In addition, you can get the timesheets approved by the customer or manager based on the project type.

Gantt Charts – The Gantt Charts of Apptivo has got the planning and scheduling part of your projects covered. With this, you can easily map the timeline of your projects, resources required, and determine the sequence for completing the projects before deadlines. This gives a complete picture of your projects.

Collaboration – Communication is the basic prerequisite for the smooth completion of projects. Apptivo offers collaboration tools like Tasks, Notes, Emails, Call Logs, and Calendars to keep track of the smallest engagements with your teams or customers. This can be easily accessed only by the allocated team members for secured transparency.

Kanban Views – Commonly referred to as “Card View”, Kanban view gives a complete view of your project across various phases. It helps your teams to understand your project performance and take decisions to speed up the operations. This Kanban view is available in Apptivo, and it is customizable according to your business purpose.

Wrapping Up

Every day is a learning process and a step towards achieving your goal. To overcome the hurdles in your business, it is recommended to identify the drawbacks in the operations and tackle them through powerful ticketing and project management software like Apptivo. With this, you can monitor your teams, track their performance, and deliver exemplary results.

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