Three Ways How Apptivo Can Help Building Business Relationships and Ensure Retention

Nowadays, the corporate business world has a rising issue which has caused the employees and workers to get limited to phone calls and online video conferencing, rather than meeting in person and getting to know each other. Phone calls and several other technologies have replaced the purpose of meeting physically in person, but one thing even greater technology couldn’t give us is the engagement and the connection with a person while meeting in person.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now even more crucial and common for every businessperson to get involved in these technological get-togethers and conduct those meetings and conferences via online meeting software. But, no one can resist the situation put up by the pandemic and everyone has to follow this until everything comes back to normal. Hence, it has become even more essential for us all to get serious about creating strong business relationships with people whom you may not see anytime soon. Let us see the role of Apptivo, in building and nurturing business relationships.

Challenges Put Forth In Creating Relationships

Challenges Put Forth In Creating Relationships

In businesses, people need to develop trustworthy relationships with external organizations with whom you have to establish corporate partnerships. You have to connect with your customers and build connections with them that are based on unprofessional trust rather than only being as a professional courtesy.

The problem here is that during these times of cold connections and virtual meetings, it isn’t easy to build trust. Everyone now focuses on delivering high professional characteristics, while working remotely. This issue is caused due to the employees and corporate people being formal with everyone and just having a non-manifested and competitive portrayal of themselves.

Hence, to establish trust in the same remote and virtual environment, you need to observe each other and remove the ambiguity lying between you. You need to know beyond your characteristics of being a client, worker, or an employee. You have to assess and know each other as humans, and this could only happen through close observation. But, altogether none of these issues are unmanageable. Apptivo plays an important role in building relationships and customer retention.

Role of Apptivo in Building Relationships

Role of Apptivo in Building Relationships

Due to the present virtual era, you have seen the sort of problems and issues that are rising due to the inconvenience of meetings and the physical absence of people. But the main thing that is to be considered while executing virtual practices is that you have to provide as much virtual presence as you can while portraying certain aspects that cause the trust between people to develop even in the virtual conditions. The major practices that are known to build trust in this virtual world are:

Being Reliable

Reliability is directly linked to giving out something as promised. It is about having a mindset of treating your colleagues and employees or simply, all the people who work beneath you in the organization as you do a customer. When you consider being reliable to your peers, customers, and clients, you have to keep an attitude or thinking of standing up to or giving out the things and services as promised. You have to make sure that, when you commit, you surely make it happen.

The main thing to consider while dealing with the reliability factor is satisfaction and support. It comes to the point when you have to focus on several aspects such as developing communication with them, making strong commitments, and clarifying the goals of your relationship.

Apptivo helps you in making business relationships better by offering a range of business solutions, facilitating you the methods or channels to effectively communicate, and manage distribution to your employees/clients in a way that meets their demands or needs exactly as they want.

Acting as a Resource

Being a resource to your employees/clients/customers doesn’t mean that you have to act as an asset or something. It means to be available for them at the time of concerns or when they face any problem.

Being resourceful to a person starts with you understanding them and their goals, and then removing the obstacles lying in their path to accomplishment. Hence, to start as a resource for people, you have to ask questions or answer theirs. Because it is well proven that the best of the supportive people don’t just cast about being best, rather they face the customers’ challenges, and then work with their product or services to match those challenges.

With Apptivo, you can contact and get to know how your customers/clients are having to face any type of issues. Apptivo gives you access to unified Contact Center services, to provide support to your customers whenever they need it. Having broad Contact Management, Help Desk, and online Contact Center, Apptivo offers methods for you to be available in the name of your business to the people connected you.

Removing Challenges and Obstacles

Following the practice where you are considered to be a resource to the people connected to your business, and you get to know their exact difficulties and situations. You have to now act to remove those obstacles from their path. When you’re equipped with an understanding of their problem, you have to take charge to solve it.

It could be a simple task to clarify their needs and goals and then acting to achieve them. When you act as a resource to them, you make them feel emotionally connected to you and they feel them be valued.

With Apptivo, you get access to a wide range of applications to consider solutions for a range of tasks. It provides you an integrated method to tackle most of the business needs and challenges.


There was significant use of virtual and remote methods in the corporate world, but the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed its use to another level. Due to this, the understanding among the leaders, employees, clients, and customers has been affected a lot. But, there is a solution to everything, and Apptivo CRM Software provides you with those solutions all unified. Hence, with Apptivo, tackle all business challenges and build great relationships.

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