The Value Of Email Marketing In 2021

Given the transformation in digital technology, businesses across the globe rely more on search engines to capture leads for their websites. A separate marketing team is put into place by businesses to manage and analyze the traffic. This marketing team analyzes the visibility of their website in search engines and takes appropriate measures to improve brand awareness. Search engines like Google operate based on algorithms. Also, the algorithms are upgraded constantly to optimize the relevancy of search results to its users. This will turn out to be a boon or bane for websites.

For instance, Google Algorithm Update for 2021 is being split into two CORE updates – June and July 2021. The first part has already been rolled out on June 2, 2021, and we can expect another update during July. According to a study, “Globally, Google accounts for 76% and 86% of desktop and mobile search traffic, respectively”. Hence, these updates can either increase the website traffic or decrease them drastically. This will thereby impact your productivity.

With websites being the prime medium of customer engagement and lead capture, the drop in visitors can affect the business and brand visibility. During this challenging time, businesses can leverage email marketing to interact with their leads, customers, and keep them informed on all the major updates related to your business. Apptivo Email Marketing assists businesses to launch campaigns, manage target databases, and track the performance of campaigns. With Apptivo, businesses can manage a streamlined workflow and prevent redundancy in business operations.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Easy to set up

One of the perks of availing the email marketing services is that it is quick to set up. It doesn’t require great technical expertise or an elaborative team to start using this facility. Instead, by signing up for an email marketing software like Apptivo, you can create a target list, use predefined templates, or build custom templates, and start launching campaigns effortlessly right from where you are.

Quick to share

Email marketing has a better reach when compared to other marketing tools. This is because it directly reaches the inbox of the users, and it is not bothersome. Every day, people receive a number of marketing emails with the power to either read them or not. If a particular email interests them, they automatically send it to their friends or peers with common interests. This way, your product or service can certainly have better visibility.

Dedicated target audience

When you incorporate an email marketing system like Apptivo into your business, you can easily analyze the behavior of your audience and segment them based on common characteristics. Accordingly, your marketing teams can create customized email templates for each group, launch the campaign, and instantly analyze the delivery rate and engagement rate to focus more on the campaigns with a better response.

Customizable tools

Email marketing campaigns employ advanced tools that help businesses to streamline their campaigns. In addition to tracking the performance of your campaigns, marketing teams can prevent a customer, lead, or prospect from receiving emails during a selective period and add them again without removing them from the target list. Automation has made teams schedule the launch, predefine the sender address, add videos, call to action, and create an email sequence.

Close distances

Be it video call, telephony, or in-person – A right time is required to reach out to a lead or customer. This is affirmative, especially when your audience is global. By implementing email communication, you can close the gaps and convey your message without causing any type of inconvenience to the receiver. Email marketing lets you set a timer and send timely emails to the customers from anywhere at any time irrespective of their availability.


Unlike other channels of communication like print media, the operation cost of email marketing is comparatively less. Marketing streams like televisions, magazines, and newspapers have higher costs. In the case of email marketing, you need not pay an additional cost for campaigns launched. The best email marketing software like Apptivo enables you to make payments only for the purchase of software.

Instant engagement

When you are able to find the right connection with the audience, you can utilize email marketing services to motivate customers to make instant purchases. By creating attractive templates using an email marketing app, you can enable the customers or leads to knowing about the upcoming offers, deals, news updates, and encourage them to make instant purchases with minimal effort. They can also ask queries related to the products or services right from their email.

Email Marketing Campaign Features

The email marketing platform of Apptivo is a powerful solution that you can integrate with your email marketing ideas effortlessly. Apptivo has a set of B2B email marketing tools that can make the campaign experience memorable for your clients.

Email Marketing Campaign Features

Tailor-made Templates

Apptivo’s Campaigns application has a personalizable and effective template that serves the business purpose of any industry type. There are three types of templates: standard templates, basic templates, and MJML templates. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the right template and use them any number of times. Furthermore, if you want to create your own template, you can start from scratch. One of the advantages of email marketing in Apptivo is that it has a dedicated toolset through which you can design your templates with exclusive and functional attributes provided by Apptivo.

Email Marketing Metrics

The email automation tools of Apptivo have everything you need to track and manage your campaigns. Through our email marketing metrics, you can monitor the email marketing conversion rate. When you look into how to do email marketing, you have to focus on the tracking factor as well. With Apptivo’s Campaigns app, you can track your monthly email quota based on your plan. Here, you can keep an eye on the allocated quota, daily email quota, and pay as you go in real-time. Also, you can manage the purchase history from a single page. The click to open rate of each email can be tracked individually for every campaign.

Smart Dashboards

Dashboards are effective tools that strengthen your email promotions. With these CRM email marketing tools, you can measure the performance of your campaigns. You can analyze whether a particular campaign is successful or not. Also, you can check the effectiveness of campaigns every month. The Performance dashboard of the Campaigns app is a powerful marketing tool that assists marketing teams to analyze the trend and performance of your campaigns round the clock in real-time. Here, you can check the stats on open rate, click through rate, unsubscribed rate, and bounce rate. The employee-based advanced filters display stats on a team’s or a particular employee’s campaign.

Dynamic Master Layout

The Master Layout of Apptivo’s email marketing platform offers a dedicated Master Layout that is dynamic and effective. It makes it easy for your marketing teams to prepare campaigns only with the required fields while leaving out the fields that are not necessary. The dynamic characteristic of this Master Layout is that it allows you to configure a particular field to display only during certain criteria. The security capabilities of Apptivo control the accessibility of campaigns for particular employees. Accordingly, you can provide privileges to particular employees to view, edit, or not access a particular campaign. This prevents unauthorized access to campaigns by other teams or employees.

Targeted Marketing

The integrated CRM email marketing tool of Apptivo is a complete business management suite of applications that connects your customer database with your campaigns. Likewise, you can pull the customer, contact, supplier, and other contacts directly into the campaigns and group them based on a specific target list. Furthermore, if your customer or contact would like to opt-out from receiving emails, you can do that with a single click. Additionally, you can also stop a particular contact or customer from receiving emails for a certain period of time. With this, you can focus more on your marketing strategy rather than working on the target list every time prior to sending campaigns.

Useful Marketing Tools

Your email marketing strategy should be more about improving the conversion rate and less about focusing on redundant tasks like maintaining the database. Apptivo has tools that allow you to perform actions on campaigns individually or in bulk. Through this, you can send emails, create follow-ups, add notes, log calls, and upload documents. Additionally, you can launch or relaunch campaigns with a single click. From a single email marketing campaign, you can schedule campaigns and select the date and time at which the campaign has to be launched. Through this, you can automate your marketing strategy and enhance the impact of email marketing.

Wrapping Up

Email marketing is steadily transforming into a mainstream communication channel with accuracy in delivery. With the transformation in technology, email marketing has certainly become a boon for businesses to keep regular communication with their customer database. Efficient and stable communication with customers is necessary to keep them informed on the product updates, reinstate trust in your services, and reduce the customer churn rate.

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