The current global situation is deeply unsettling for entrepreneurs who are faced with overwhelming and competing challenges as they continue to navigate the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The outbreak has disrupted supply chains and roiled markets, threatening businesses across the globe. COVID-19 is spreading globally and has wide-ranging impacts on the business sector. The faster your company adapts to the new normal, the less severe the consequences will be for your business.

Constantly Shifting ‘NORMAL’

The biggest problem haunting the entrepreneurs is developing their business continuity plans as the unprecedented uncertainty created by the coronavirus crisis has made it impossible to predict business impact. In this time of crisis, it is imperative to develop short-term steps to stabilize sales and generate liquidity and design a contingency plan to address the burning issue of how to sell during the crisis.

To identify the best course of action, your first step must be to analyze sales performance during the crisis with the help of sales analytics to gain better insights and plan effective business survival strategies. This will help your company emerge out of the crisis with a stronger business model and a clearer vision.

Digital Adoption And Transformation

The only way to mitigate the unnecessary spreading of the virus was to undergo a huge transition from in-office to a remote working environment. However, operating as a fully remote team without proper governance and interoperability will turn out to be a disaster.

Getting teams to shift to working virtually will entail deploying a CRM application to help you centralize all your business data under one roof. This will enable you to efficiently manage your company remotely and increase collaboration among teams.

Evolving Customer Demands

During this challenging time, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Given the likely constraints such as prolonged social isolation, customer satisfaction continues to be paramount when navigating through this crisis. Retaining existing customers should be a priority for your business. The companies that are willing to make big changes and even bigger sacrifices for the sake of their customers are the ones succeeding through the crisis.

Get on the phone with your customers, listen to them carefully, and try to help. Healthy communication with your customers during a global outbreak is paramount to ensure a strong customer base and deliver the best customer experiences during this crucial time.

Outmanoeuvre The Pandemic With Apptivo

Reorienting your business around a cloud business management software turns all the daunting challenges faced by your company into a meaningful change. Apptivo will not only help your business survive but also accelerate growth, increase profitability, and derive actionable insights to plan your next move.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises often underutilize the capabilities of their existing CRM software but COVID-19 has prompted them to leverage all the applications to ensure seamless business functioning during the lockdown. Fully utilizing Apptivo’s Email Campaign, you can send out tailored, personalized emails to segmented groups based on their location, demographics, or purchase history. Using the unique capabilities of Apptivo’s digital marketing, you can reorganize your products and services around new customer demands.

Armed with information about the customer’s progress along the buying journey, the sales rep will be able to close more deals and bring in more revenue. You’re missing out on a huge opportunity if you are not utilizing Apptivo’s Workflow Automation. You can configure workflows and alerts to remind employees when a quote needs to be followed up or when an opportunity gets created.

Integrating your business with Apptivo’s CRM application will streamline your activity pipeline and improve task management. It helps you track the sales activity using Win/Loss analysis report. Sending emails using Apptivo’s CRM software will allow you to track open and response rates. The CRM application has an extensive 360° approach and syncs the entire data from your employees’ devices to a single platform.

During the pandemic, the customers are more impatient than ever. Apptivo helps you provide smarter and faster customer service with the Helpdesk software solution. It makes communication seamless and more personalized by placing all your customer support interactions in one place. You can also gain deeper insight into the evolving customer needs with the help of reports. This will help you serve your customers better by adjusting your business to the changing demands.


Amidst the economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the best way to ensure business continuity is by adopting a cloud-based CRM system. There will likely be more difficult times ahead, but it’s important for you to stay optimistic and develop sales strategies to mitigate the impact of the crisis.

Apptivo is committed to providing a fast and flexible software solution to the challenges created by the coronavirus outbreak to help you come out of this crisis stronger. Investing today in the technological solutions needed to adapt to this catastrophic crisis will pay off tomorrow. The current crisis offers an opportunity for you to leverage Apptivo’s Cloud Business Management Software Suite to adapt to the quickly changing business conditions and steer your business in the direction of prosperity.

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