There are only a couple of things that can give you that high to push yourself harder. Like a good review that acknowledges your hard work. Or a customer giving us a positive feedback about Apptivo CRM. Or an award that celebrates all the hours and countless sleepless night we put in, and the thought behind it.

The reason why I’m high today is an award by TechRadar. Yes, TechRadar has chosen Apptivo CRM as the #1 CRM Tool of 2018 for businesses. Yeaaaeeee.

This award stands as a testimony to the value, we, as a product, as a team, as a company offers our customers. Here is a link to TechRadar’s Best CRM Software of 2018 list.

There are over 600+ CRM software tools listed on Capterra alone and securing the #1 spot wasn’t an overnight success. So, how did we get here? What did we do that made us unique and stand alone from the rest of the tools?

Spoiler Alert: Honest answers below.


One of the apparent reason why we stand out from the rest is the number of customization possibilities Apptivo CRM offers. You can customize the software from Dashboard to the Reports you generate to suit your needs. If that isn’t enough, our development team can customize the software to your every need for a price.


Ah! The price. This is an era where some CRM software like Salesforce costs hundreds of dollars and customers still end up buying another software for Bookkeeping, Project Management, Help Desk, etc. Apptivo CRM’s Ultimate plan costs just $20/user/month, and you get a 60+ fully-integrated software to manage your finances, projects, customer support, inventory, IT services, etc., from one login. None of the other competitors are even close to the price or the value we offer our customers.

Customer Support

Capterra has awarded us the Best Support team for 2017. Also, I don’t have to write-up a couple of sentences to tell you how good we are. Just open Capterra in a new tab and read our reviews. You’ll see how kickass our support ninjas are.

Listening, Listening, & Listening

I wouldn’t have needed to write this blog if it wasn’t for our critics and customers review. We closely monitor comments on Capterra and similar sites, reviews by tech blogs, customer requests, and feedback on support channels and prioritize our development. In a way, we don’t make any decisions, customers do! We build the product, and that’s how it should be, and it has worked out for the best.

So, that’s it! No crazy stuff. Just sticking to our roots and doing better and better what we’re good at. Cheers!

Until next comment,

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