Supercharge your business with CRM-Telephony integration

Engaging with leads/prospects is a top priority for any sales team. The more prospects they reach, the more opportunities, and more revenue. If you use Apptivo to save the leads generated by your marketing team, your sales could use a quick and efficient way to contact and store the info collected.

So, integrating CRM with cloud telephony services is the next rational step. Integration allows your executives to take full command over the customer communications throughout the entire sales process. This dramatically increases communication quality and client call-to-sale conversion rates.

Apptivo CRM integrates with industry-leading telephony solutions such as – Nexmo, RingCentral, Fuze, Asterisk to take customer interaction to the next level.

Customer Information At Your Fingertips

Easy and instant access to customer information is the key to efficient customer care. With phone and CRM integrated, you can get caller details, call history and its details in an instant and the company executive can offer personalized service. Not having to repeat the information is a great benefit to the customer and reduces the complexity of the call. This involves little-to-no-effort from the executive’s part yet provides a tailored experience for the customer and make them feel valuable.

Monitor Performance

With CRM telephony integration in place, you can view reports and dashboards from within Apptivo that combine all of your service metrics. You can see metrics like average handle time, waiting time, dropped calls, call counts, and talk time. By combining these and the data you have in Apptivo, you can dig deeper to see things like how many calls it took to resolve an open case. And by reviewing detailed reporting on your agent and team performance, you will be able to improve training, coaching and make informed decisions.

Call with a Single Click

Apptivo CRM-telephony integration allows you to add a click-to-call button allowing your executives to call without having to dial your number. With a single mouse click or keystroke, your executives have an efficient way to communicate with clients

Simple Set Up Process

Unlike traditional telephony services, where setting up takes up a chunk of your time and energy, cloud telephony services need only a fraction of your time. Your CRM and telephony services can be integrated in 5-10 straightforward steps. You don’t need a “telecom wizard” and it only takes a few minutes. Also, some of the services even offer trial period allowing you to take them for a test ride before investing your time and money.

Reduced costs

You don’t have to purchase, maintain, and replace hardware every now and then with telephony services. Cloud telephony integration is cost-effective, more scalable. and flexible than a traditional system. Your agents’ only tool is their computer and can work from anywhere and anytime. If you’re a company that employs remote employees then this is your perfect weaponry.


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