UPDATED: Version 5.0 Now Available!

The below information is not out of date. The Version 5.0 rollout has already begun, and the first few apps (customers, contacts, cases) are already converted. Click here for more information on V5.

The Original Post

We have been working very hard at Apptivo and are happy to give you a sneak peak at what’s to come in Version 5, also known as V5. If you don’t know already, V5 is a massive group of changes coming to ALL apps to improve efficiency and accessibility. Since we’re slowly rolling V5 to all apps, we’re going to begin with the Customers App and work our way through releasing all of the apps.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come in the upcoming Customers App. I don’t even know where to begin.

Mobile Interface Customization

Big New Features

  • Complete field editing- You will now be able to remove unwanted fields, adjust the name of any default field in the system, and choose which fields are required. You can also share custom fields with other apps, and even restrict access to view or edit certain fields.
  • Tagging – It’s now simple to group & filter any data in the system how YOU want. Tags are a flexible way to create lists of data, such as forming a group of contacts that are family friends, or high value customers.
  • Mobile interface customization – Now you will be able to customize your apps and see exactly how they will look when using your Apptivo mobile phone application!.
  • Choose your own app names – We understand that some user wants to call customers an “organization”, “company”, “account”…or maybe you want to call leads as “prospects”. Whatever you desire, Apptivo will now allow you to change the name of the app as it appears for all users. App Customization in V5
  • Flexible Searching – Currently Apptivo offers advanced search capabilities using select information. But in V5, you can now select any field to search on, even including custom fields, in order to filter data exactly how you need.
  • Customized Views – You’ll now be able to save any search as a custom view, and it will be immediately available in the left column. You can now also customize the columns displayed in any search results, and re-order the views as they appear in the left column!
  • Default homepage views – Don’t like seeing the news feed every time you go to the Customers App? You’ll be able to change that with V5, and select which page YOU would like to see first, such as viewing your directory of customers, or the news feed. Did we mention you can also quickly browse through multiple records using an inline viewing pane? New List Views in V5
  • Custom email templates – While Apptivo currently offers a basic email template system, it’s getting a massive overhaul. Now you will have complete mail-merge capabilities in any app, allowing you to display any of the system data within the email message itself.

That’s not all… Customizable quick links, new follow ups, new email browser, new reports interface, auto-saved drafts, drag-and-drop field configuration, trash bin to save deleted records, app setting locking, and more!

Why did we pick these features?

These changes are all brought upon by customer requests, and the various features and adjustments that each one of you has requested. As you can see from this short list of changes, each app will become very customizable, making the product better suited for any type of business. More security is added to give you more control over what your employees see and can edit, as well as tools to allow users to more quickly access their data. At the end of the day, this product is about YOU, our loyal customers… and we hope that these upgrades will make Apptivo even better and easier to use, to help run your business more efficiently.

When can I expect to see these V5 features?

We are actively working on upgrading the Customers App to V5, and we plan to release it very soon. We’ll be performing a closed beta test next week with a few select customers, and we plan to go public before the end of the month. If you are interested in learning more about V5, or participate in the beta test, fill in the form below. We will also be hosting a public webinar to give a tour of V5. Subscribe to our blog and watch for the announcement sometime in the next week.

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