Sales Collateral – Best Practices to Boost Conversion

Closing Deals and creating new customers is a difficult task for most businesses. Further, nurturing their relationships with customers requires a dedicated pool of resources to make it easy for your customers to make decisions. Sales Collateral helps you with different situations in your sales process. It comprises pushing forward the deals, generating more leads, reestablish conversation with customers, develops trust in shareholders, and foster your connections with existing customers. Therefore, in this blog, Apptivo brings you the best practices with sales collateral that can help you boost your conversion.

Understanding Sales Collateral & Its Benefits For Your Business

Due to the presence of so many alternatives, customers are often confused about what they should choose. And in that case, a potential customer of your business requires certain information from your organization to develop enough interest in your product or services and proceed further with the conversation. And in that case, Sales Collateral gives your potential customers the information they need to make their decisions and build a feeling of confidence & trust with your business.

When coupled with a great CRM software or CRM system, Sales Collateral provides multiple ways to benefit your business, such as:

  • It can help your sales team to yield more advantages of your CRM & generate more leads. Sharing collateral with sales leads makes them contact your business and put their queries before you. So, developing suitable assets can help them get information about the product that they can’t get anywhere else. And then, starting a conversation is a great way to generate more leads.
  • When a person becomes interested in your product, he would also want to know the impact of using your products and services. And at the initial stages of a CRM sales cycle, a potential buyer wouldn’t ask such a thing. So providing proper resources such as case studies wouldn’t only help you in this situation but also enable you to get in touch with shareholders effortlessly.
  • While investing in a product or a service, a person would surely think of the ROI that he’ll be getting on it. And your teams working on CRM software & CRM systems wouldn’t possibly handle your brochures to each contact. So, Sales Collateral is a prominent way of making your potential customers aware of the returns on their investment and convincing them to make the purchase.

Therefore, the benefits of having the Sales Collateral are to boost sales and conversion. Sales teams must use their CRM tools effectively to empower your contacts. It would require them to handle customer relationship management in a way that supports your potential customers at every level. For doing this, they need to properly understand how your CRM solution works and the different stages of customer relationship management in the sales cycle. Upon understanding the ways of your CRM tools & CRM solution, they can implement the uses of Sales Collateral in different ways to boost the sales & conversion rate. For doing this, they need to focus on the following main stages in the sales cycle where your Sales Collateral would have the most impact such as:

Awareness Stage

It is the first level of any sales cycle. Also, it is the most important of all as it helps your potential customers understanding the need for your product and services. Therefore, you need to focus on creating such content in your sales collateral that shows up to the most common queries that your customers search for on the internet.

Next up, you need to include great educational content in your awareness resources so that your potential buyers can get the best answers to their questions. Also, you must focus on providing honest information at this stage without comparing your services with any other organization. If you have proper awareness content in place that focuses on the prime buyer persona, it could help you in having a top position in customer research and improve the possibility of their conversion.

Sales Collateral at this Stage includes – Blogs, e-Guides, White Papers, Industry research, etc.

Consideration Stage

At the previous stage, your customers are aware of your products and services. They are now a lead for your business. Now what they want is a proper demonstration of how your product would help them in addressing challenges & achieving goals. At this stage, the customers would eventually compare your products with the available choices in the market and would take decisions based on that. So, you have to make sure that your sales collateral can deliver the critical information that helps the customers in their decision-making. With this, they can also understand the benefits that your brand has to offer to them. So, you need to ensure that your content helps you in qualifying your leads for further stages.

Sales Collateral at this Stage includes – Product comparison guides, interactive videos, expert reviews, etc.

Decision Stage

It is the last stage where your Sales Collateral can prove to be beneficial for your business. At this stage, the customers have already cleared their expectations and requirement. And based on the content they have had in the previous stages, they have also categorized a few of the companies with which they can work. But the primary point is that they still need to finalize their choice and decide on a specific vendor or tool they need to work with. So, you have to ensure that at this stage you don’t miss out on any deals. And to do that, you need to provide the best decisive content in your Sales Collateral that helps your customers in their decision-making process.

Sales Collateral at this stage includes – Vendor comparisons, case studies, free trials, additional support, etc.

So, these were the Apptivo best practices for your business to improve conversion and sales.


Sales assets and collateral play a crucial role in providing value to your potential customers to build trust in relationships with them. It is important to improve the sales of modern businesses, and these resources help you reach there in the right way. So, ensure that your Sales Collateral is created & managed just right and boost the sales & conversion of your business with Apptivo.

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