We continuously work on making Apptivo even better and we are pleased to present you the latest releases rolled out on June 02, 2018. In this blog, we will now walk you through a complete list of new features and enhancements rolled out in this week:

  • Triggers in Estimates App
  • PDF Filename Customization in Invoices App
  • PDF Builder in Contracts App
  • Sorting in Suppliers App
  • Fuze Integration
  • New Activities Icon Changes
  • Sorting in Cases App
  • Customer Number in Uniqueness Check
  • PDF Layout changes
  • New UI for PDF Builder
  • Address Card Implementation


Triggers in Estimates App

As like the CRM Apps, you can now create and define triggers in the Estimates App. You can configure triggers under Settings -> Estimates -> Triggers. Like in other apps, there are two types of triggers available:

  • Event Based – This trigger can be used to perform an automated action, whenever an event occurs. Here, the trigger can be set for the events like Estimate Creation, Updation and Deletion.
    event based triggers in estimates app
  • Time Based – This trigger lets you perform an action either once (One Time) or for a repeated number of times (Recurring), whenever the areigger criteria is met.
    time based triggers in estimates app

PDF Filename Customization in Invoices App

In this release, we have upgraded the PDF Customization in the Invoices App. This feature upgrade will help you comply with customizing the PDF filenames with attributes found in the Invoices App.

To customize, go to Settings -> Customize App -> Print/Web Layouts -> open the required template. We have added the Insert Attributes drop down from where you can select the required attribute.

For instance: Consider you would like to have the Customer Name and Invoice Date. Select the required attributes and click Save.

pdf filename prefix

Now when you send an invoice pdf to a customer (Note: Ensure to select the above-configured PDF template), the invoice pdf will be displayed as shown in the image below:

filename customized

You can also find the Insert Attributes drop-down in the common file name too. The added attributes will be applied to all PDF templates you have created.

common filename

Supply Chain

Sorting in Suppliers App

We have updated the feature of Sorting in Supplier #. When you sort suppliers using Supplier#, the type of sorting will be in the order of Numbers (0,1,2,11,..etc.), followed by Strings.

supplier sorting

CRM Apps

PDF Builder in Contracts App

Similar to the PDF Builder in the Financial Apps, in this release we have added PDF Builder newly in the Contracts App. Besides the simple contracts layout, this PDF Builder will give you the ability to create and configure advanced pdf layouts. Go to Settings -> Contract Integration -> Print/Web Layouts.

contracts pdf builder

Additional to the common features, we have added the Content Block section newly to the Contracts PDF Builder. This Content Block section is just a simple text editor.

contracts content block

Sorting in Cases App

We have updated the feature of Sorting in Case #. When you sort cases using Case#, the type of sorting will be in the order of Numbers (0,1,2,3,4,..etc.), followed by Strings.

cases sorting

Customer Number in Uniqueness Check

In this release, we have added the Customer Number to the Uniqueness Check field while updating existing records, during the Contacts Import. As a result of this, a unique combination of Customer and Contact can be formed.

contacts import


Fuze Integration

Apptivo, being customer-centric and expanding its’ integrations steadily have now integrated with Fuze, next to RingCentral, offering you an incredible way of connecting with your customers and recording your calls in the CRM App via Fuze. Integration of Fuze with Apptivo allows you to initiate web & mobile app calls, effective call tracking, automatic call logging routing both inbound and outbound calls effectively between Fuze & Apptivo. Learn more…

fuze authentication

New Activities Icon Changes

One cool update in this release is that we have completely changed the icons of all activities. This will be reflected both on the homepage and inside apps.

new activities icon

General Updates

PDF Layout Changes

We have enhanced the UI of the PDF Builder feature throughout the apps in Apptivo, as like in the MJML Template builder in Campaigns App.

pdf builder ui

Besides the look and feel of the layout, we have additionally added two new features to the PDF Layouts – Page Layout & Page Number.

Consider Estimates App. Go to Settings -> Customize App -> Print/Web Layouts -> click on the required template and select the layout from Page Layout drop-down.

page layout in pdf builder

The Page Number attribute can be added only to the Header and Footer sections. Drag and drop the Page Number attribute from Common Attributes section. (here, it is placed in the Footer section)

page number in pdf builder

Click on the page number field and you can select the required Format form the Inspector tab.

page number format in pdf builder

Address Card Implementation

In this release, we have implemented the Address Card feature in all the apps. This feature will enable you to view the entire address of the object, confined in one field.

For instance: Consider the Customers App. In the Show All page, click on the Display drop down -> Address Information -> required address (here, Billing Address) -> Full Address.

full address

You will now be able to view the full billing address of your customers from the List page itself.

address card

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