We continuously work on making Apptivo more better and we are pleased to present you the latest releases rolled out on July 07, 2018. In this blog, we will now walk you through a complete list of new features and enhancements rolled out in July:

  • Customer to Contact conversion
  • Date & Time Stamp support in the Advanced Search
  • Deletion option in Suppliers App
  • Default Value for Radio, Toggle, and Multiselect
  • Function Attribute


Customer to Contact Custom Conversion Mapping

Conversion isn’t a new feature in Apptivo. In this release, we have enabled the conversion of a Customer to a Contact. This gives you the ability to convert a customer to a contact, whenever required. It is a paid plan feature.(Note: Ensure to toggle ON the Contacts conversion setting from the Customers App Settings -> Customers -> Conversion)

enable contacts conversion toggle

On clicking Mapping, you can now select and map the fields as per your requirement, based on which the conversion will be carried.

Once enabled, click on the Convert -> To Contact present in the top right corner of the respective customer’s Overview page.

convert to contact

Date & Time Stamp support in Advanced Search

In this release, we have enabled the date and time stamp support in the Advanced Search of the Cases App, making your search process easier. With this, you can now easily search for the cases based on the details such as the Created On, Modified On, Need By Date, Date Resolved date fields and so on in the Advanced Search.

date and time stamp in cases

Supply Chain

Deletion option in Suppliers App

Suppliers App in Apptivo is used to maintain the details of all your suppliers in one place. Well, now it gets an upgrade. Now you have the option to delete the suppliers that you have created. Just hit the Delete button found at the top-right corner in the Suppliers’ Overview page.

delete suppliers

Once deleted, the deleted suppliers will be moved to the Trash, where the suppliers can be deleted forever or restored later.

suppliers trash

You also have the option to delete suppliers in bulk. To do so, select the suppliers you would want to delete and click on the Bulk Action drop-down -> Delete.

bulk delete suppliers

General Updates

Default Value for Radio, Toggle, & Multiselect

Setting default value to the system fields isn’t a new feature in Apptivo. With this release, you can now set the default value for the Radio, Toggle, and Multi-Select fields in all the Apptivo Apps. The field will get loaded with the assigned value, by default.

Consider setting a default value for a Toggle in the Customers App. To do so, go to the Customers App Settings -> Customize App -> Master Layout -> click on the Toggle field -> and set the Default Value as shown in the below image:

default value for toggle

Function Attribute

We have done a couple of enhancements to the Function Attribute found in the master layout in all the apps.

  • We have now enabled the support of Decimal Values in the Function Attributes. With this update, you can now create custom formulas using decimal values too.
    decimal value in function
  • Another noteworthy feature in this update is the enhancement made to the Advanced Formula Function. For this, we have added the Depends On section newly to the Advanced Function. And the Function Body can be defined only with the attributes that are added to the Depends On section.
    advanced formula function editor

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