Apptivo never fails to update you with its latest feature updates. And here we are with the list of features worked upon in the August release. This blog provides a brief information about the new features implemented and enhancements made to the existing features addressed in the August deployment.

  • Import Enhancements – CRM
  • Chart Builder
  • Leads First Name inclusion in Function Attributes
  • Customers 360° View
  • Export Feature in Expense Reports App
  • Kanban View in Projects App
  • Timesheets Reports Enhancements
  • Highlighting in Items App
  • Delete option in Highlighting – Activities
  • Bulk Export in Custom Apps
  • Default Value for Date Attributes
  • File Upload – Thumbnail View


Duplication Check during Import

In this release, we have enhanced the process of Import by supporting the Duplication Check. This enables you to check for duplicate records during the import of Contacts, Leads, and Customers. (Note: In order to check for the duplicate records during the Import, ensure you have configured Duplication Rule in the respective apps – Leads, Contacts, and Customers)

Consider the Leads App, where you have set the Duplication Rule for Email. Now when you try to import a lead with an email that matches with the existing lead, you will be notified as shown in the image:

import duplicate check

Decimal Support in Import

We have enabled the Decimal support in the Import. That is, you can now import your leads, contacts, and customers having Number/Currency fields with decimal values.

Chart Builder

One of the most significant features in this release is the Chart Builder implementation in the Opportunities, Customers, Cases, and Cases Extended App. This enables you to create your own customized Charts (Column Chart, Stacked Column, Bar Chart, Stacked Bar, Summary table) and group the charts to create Dashboards.

For instance: Consider the Opportunities App. Go to Settings > Intelligence > Charts > and click on Create dropdown and select the required chart type. The Create chart page will be opened, where you can create your own chart.

create opportunity charts

The created charts can be grouped according to your requirements and a dashboard can be created. Click on Dashboards in the left navigation panel. All the charts created will be listed, from where you can drag and drop the required chart and create dashboard.

create opportunity dashboard

The created dashboard will be displayed in the Dashboard drop down in the left navigation panel.

view chart in opportunity dashboard

Leads First Name inclusion in Function Attributes

We have enhanced the function attribute in the Leads App, in this release. That is, we have enabled the support of Lead’s First Name in Function Attributes (String Formulas) you create. When creating a String Formula in the Leads App, you can use the First Name as shown in the image:

leads first name in function

Customers 360° View

We have added the Customer Payments App to the 360° View of the Customers App. You can now have a view of all the customer payments associated with a customer, right from the Customers App. Besides viewing, you can also create Customer Payments from the Customer records by clicking on the Create button found.

customers 360 degree view


Export Feature in Expense Reports App

In this release, we have enhanced the Expense Reports App to support the Export feature. This gives you the ability to export all of your expense reports into a spreadsheet (.CSV file). You can export all the fields found in the Expense Reports App or you can choose over the fields which you would like to export and get them into a CSV file.

expense report export feature

Project Management

Kanban View in Projects App

Kanban View isn’t a new feature in Apptivo. It’s been in the Leads and Opportunities App and has now found its way to the Projects App. This will work based on the Project Statuses, allowing you to perform the conversion of a project from one status to another by an easy drag-and-drop method. (Note: The feature of Kanban View is available only in the Apptivo Paid Plans – Premium, Ultimate, and Enterprise)

projects kanban view

By default, the kanban view will be in disabled state. You need to enable it from Settings > Customize App > Views. The Kanban View can be enabled for all the standard views and custom views present in the left navigation panel. Based on any view, you can have the Kanban View of all your projects.

The Kanban View layout can be customized as per your requirements. It lets you define the fields, which you would like to view in the Kanban Card view, by customizing from the Settings > Customize App > Kanban Layouts.

projects kanban card layout

Timesheets Reports Enhancements

In this release, we have enhanced the reports in the Timesheets App. We have added the Project Name and Status column in the output Export sheet of all the timesheet reports. Generate a timesheet report and you can now view the Project Name and Status column in the results of the report as shown in the image.

timesheets reports fields

Product Management

Highlighting in Items App

We have implemented the Highlighting feature in the Items App. This gives you the ability to highlight the items based on the criteria you have defined. Once the defined condition/criteria are met, the item will be highlighted.

Consider, you would like the Items to be highlighted when the Available Quantity becomes less than 50. To do so, go to Items App Settings > Items > Highlighting and configure the highlighting accordingly.

create items highlighting

So now whenever the above-configured criteria are met, that item will get highlighted as shown in the image:

view items highlighting


Delete option in Highlighting – Activities

In this release, we have enhanced the Highlighting feature in the Activities (Events, Tasks, Call Logs, and Follow-Ups) found in the Apptivo Homepage. With this update, you are now provided with the ability to Delete the highlighting rules created. Consider the Tasks. Go to Settings > Highlighting. You can view the Delete option under the Actions column.

delete option for highlighting


Bulk Export in Custom Apps

One notable feature in this update, is the support of Bulk Export in the Custom Apps created. That is, for all the custom apps you create using the App Builder application, you now have the ability to export the custom app records in bulk.

bulk export custom apps

General Updates

Default Value for Date Attributes

Setting default values for the fields and attributes isn’t a new thing in Apptivo. And this release brings in the feature of setting default values for the Date Attributes. Now this default value for the date fields can be set in the following two ways:

  • Static – You can select the required date from the date picker.
    default date static
  • Dynamic – You can create your own custom date calculation using the Function Editor, which calculates the date accordingly.
    default date dynamic

File Upload – Thumbnail View

We have supported the Thumbnail option for the File Upload attributes. This will provide you with a nice thumbnail to view the file uploaded instantly. This thumbnail of the image can be viewed in the Creation page, Overview page, Side Panel of the object record.

thumbnail file image

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