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  • Contact Center App
  • Call Log – Added new fields


  • Contact Center App – One of our significant release in this deployment is that we have released a new app called the Contact Center App. With this app, you can manage and track all your incoming calls effectively. Listed below are some of its functionalities:
    • Click to Call
    • Manage and track all incoming calls
    • Route calls automatically to the concerned team
    • Hold calls in Call Queue
    • View live calls and call queue
    • Automatic creation of Call Log
    • Call Mute
    • Record Calls
    • Add guest on call
    • Call hangup
    • View call history with a list of received, missed, and dialed calls
    • Exchange calls between teams and agents
    • Join and monitor calls on the go
    • Report settings & custom view page
    contact center app call queue


  • Added new fields in Call Log– Call Log, being a significant integration of the Contact Center App,we have now enhanced the Call Log, to additionally support the following fields – Sentiments, Connection Statuses, Recording URL, and Wait Time. At times of both the inbound and outbound calls (Contact Center App), these newly added four fields can be made use of.

    Your opinion or point of view of the call made to your prospects can now be recorded, which can be used for future references. We provide you a set of sentiments by default, which can be enabled/disabled, besides which you can also create your own sentiments.

    call log sentiments

    The connection status of the call made can now be registered, which reduces the havoc between your salespeople. We offer you a set of connection statuses by default, which can be enabled/disabled, besides which you can also create your own statuses.

    call log connection status

    Inbound and outbound calls will be recorded and recording URL can be found in the Recording URL field and the time the call waits in a queue will be displayed in the Wait Time field.

    call log new fields

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