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Apptivo’s Prime objective has always been to enhance performance and address reported issues, hence increasing the overall efficiency of our system. We’ve dedicated significant efforts to optimize business operations, ensuring a seamless experience with Apptivo for you. Let us dive in to know more!

1. New Feature Alert

2. Bug Fixes

New Feature Alert

We are excited to announce a new feature in Apptivo CRM’s Opportunities app – the Print PDF feature! This valuable addition allows you to generate and personalize professional-looking PDF documents directly from your opportunity records, making it easier than ever to share critical information with your team and clients. Learn More

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We have addressed and fixed certain bugs that signifies our commitment to deliver a more robust and streamlined CRM experience.

Estimates App

  • When printing PDFs that contain row notes with more than 150 characters, the content does not display fully as intended.
  • The “Add notes” field in the Custom table is not visible when creating an estimate from another estimate. Applying a visibility condition to a toggle results in misalignment of added notes in both custom and standard fields.

Leads App

  • Emails sent via the Email Sequence were duplicated.

Purchase Order App

  • The detailed newsfeed for a custom function field is not displayed in the app when currency fields are set up within the formula.

Work Order App

  • The column headers in the Search Result table of List Layouts collapse when conducting a Quick Search or Advanced Search.

Contacts App

  • In the Saved view, irrelevant records are shown despite the applied criteria.

Common (For all Apps)

  • The List Layout has been reset to the default version upon reselecting the Layout from the display dropdown.
  • When the ‘standard’ dropdown attribute is configured as a Reference field in another app, disabled values are still visible in the ref app field.
  • The ‘Save’ button on the App Field Mapping of QuickBooks integration page is not responding.
  • During the process of importing data, if any address fields are left empty, the system automatically fill them with the default country specified in the business settings.
  • The sorting option is unavailable for the “Territory” column in tables, such as Advanced Search and My View.

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