Apptivo is here with all the good things for your business. We are obliged to showcase you the fixed issues that might be useful for efficient streamlining of your business processes.

Email to Case Validation Rule


Cases App

  • The renamed SLA name was not getting automatically updated in the Email-to-case option.
  • Responsiveness by Intake Email Box Report does not fetch the result.

Contacts App

  • When the special characters are entered into the text area field, the characters disappear when mouse hover on it.

Estimates App

  • The currency is not included in the PDF that is sent through the Automatic Payment Reminder email.

Invoices App

  • The currency is not included in the PDF that is sent through the Automatic Payment Reminder email.

Items App

  • While Importing via UI, References field values were not updated in the custom function field.

Opportunities App

  • Unable to Configure the “Visibility Conditions” with the Standard “Competitor” field.
  • The “Help Text” icon was not visible in the latest version of Chrome for the enabled fields.
  • In the advanced formula, under the function field section the number attribute displays special characters.
  • In the custom dashboard, all opportunities from every year are being displayed, despite the default filter being set to show only the current year.

Projects App

  • The upcoming tasks were not being displayed under the “list view”.


  • The completed task was displayed in the “overdue task view.”


  • Bulk actions not working in the mobile browser.
  • The Date Function field is not being displayed in the DD/MM/YY format.


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